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Doc - do you know where this comes from? by luz ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   3/10/2008 2:19:53 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hello Doc,

first of all, you are doing a wonderful job here, thank you very much.

I learned so much the last years, but concerning to my mostly hated symptom I'm still clueless. Do you know where this could come from? Could this be related to ammonia?

Sorry, but english is not my mothertongue so I can only describe it as "choking" in the night or very early morning. It's like a kind of asthma, but I never suffer from asthma by day, and I think it must have something to do with parasites or the congestion (and ammonia) of the liver. I wake up, my heart beats fast, but I'm very tired, after a while my heartbeat is better and just want to fall asleep again - I'm not panicking as I'm much too tired - but everytime when I just fell asleep, I can't breathe and I wake up again. Sometimes one night before this starts I wake up coughing. Then, the next night, the chocking starts. Sometimes this happens 30 times a night. The next day I feel like dead. Sometimes it's over after 2 days, now it lasts since 2 weeks. I nearly didn't sleep in this last 2 weeks. If this symptom lasts longer or "settles in", it as well happens in the afternoon, if I'm trying to take a little nap - I will come up breathless. Sometimes it's accompanied with a feeling of my body is shaking. Ornithin is not helping much. Because of the coughing I thought it could be related to ascaris?

I did several liver flushes, released lots of flukes, but as well lots of flushes failed. Started zapping before the flushes, they worked much better, released lots of parasites. After coffee enemas I'm releasing ascaris. I'm into this since 2005, and it seems I'm not getting through this, most of the time all of my efforts just knocked me out for days or weeks because my liver cannot handle the toxins. As well my kidneys are so weak, I took Chanca Piedra for a long time, but still I'm getting infections due to Chlamydia and Gardnerella. Seems I have to order Barefoots Dewormer and hope that this will work more effective as all my efforts of the last years and that it will not knock me out completely.

Thank you for your opinion and with best regards


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