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Re: The new communism ~ climate alarmism and environmentalism by 2Sirius ..... Global Warming Discussion Forum

Date:   3/17/2008 1:05:14 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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You cetainly have been well assimilated! Collectivism takes on different forms and the indoctrination process is subtle and effective! Population control is well in place in America, yet still we insist on this sky is falling mentality!

On a still day you can just hear the plutocracy laughing. Environmentalism is a dark green tarp they have thrown over North America. They have decreed development be slowed to a crawl and enlisted a vast 'army of the night' to implement this command. Here in the trenches we never engage the Kennedys, the Trudeaus or the Windsors. No, down here we get to argue with kids with daisy-counting diplomas from community colleges in their hands and grant applications to the Ford Foundation in their hip pockets; and good luck trying to change the minds of people like this. If not for environmentalist suppression of economic activity North America would be experiencing a tremendous and sustained boom that would reduce unemployment to a smidgeon of its current rate. The responsibility for all of the under-employment, all of the want of opportunity, the lack of housing, the scarcity of public funds, the poverty, the hardship, hard times and heartache people are experiencing shall be layeth upon the well-guarded doorsteps of Big Green. We smolder, we seethe and we type on.


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