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Re: First Step, by MH by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/9/2008 6:39:04 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hotema was a pastor/free mason. There is one other Pastor from England that turned occult to the maximum and became an out of body expert and historical figure in India history and american history. He has a complete set of books that have survived him by about 100 years. Somewhere in the school I use one of his little books to explain what happens after we die, etc. Such occult authors proclaimed they often traveled both sides of life/death.

Hotema is a pin name because the author would have been hunted down and murdered for exposing free mason secrets.

Over 30 books to his name, the study is huge, actually as large as world history. A study guide should be made for each book, otherwise the average person may not figure much of anything out from reading them. To do it proper, a person could spen their entire life explaing the Hotema free mason most highly held secrets of human history.

I like the books because they explain why we slaves are slaves and explains how it all came about and of course, just as William Branham points out, it is the Pope that is the bad boy of this world or as many would just say; the truest form of evil we know of in body form.

The free mason history dates back 55 thousand years to the first known built Pyramids. They hold the secrets of the common Bible with out the popes added trash. Basically all the info the popes have tried to hide from the people. Such history needs to be hidden in order to produce slave like people. So evil people do all they can to keep people dumbed down by false education and in the past 70 years, with the use of bombs/germ/chemical warfare. Such history points out government as the evil and dating back about 2,000 years the first church paired up with government and created their evil plan to deceive the world. Such things happen in the end times, when all humans will be raised against God and all suitable to parish in the fire (rocks).

Naturally most all pastors in this world know of Hotema, their colleges "warn" them of such educational books, because such books cause the common church of today to dissolve in a puddle of lies used to create a system where a group of people trust others with their godly education.

Such a study of one mans exposure is very complicated, his works are so wide, so new to all who read them, yet dating back to the beginning of time. Most of all, what he had to say many years ago, makes alot of sense and explains why we have governments being ran by evil people seeking population controls and elimination of certain races, etc.



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