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Re: TO the Moderator and Isafireguy thanks, The Answer. by marlene2038 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   4/13/2008 10:12:54 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Isafireguy, I once read Dear Abby and she said something to the effect of "We see so many reports in the news of murder and maham, thievery and lust because they are the exceptions to all the good which most people enjoy everyday and that makes it news worthy.

I don't like the strange and unexplained vendetta which has been lodged against me now for over 3 years on several boards and now this forums. I have been accused of many actions which are misconstrued and false. I try to be very concise in my posts but when some one wants to see you as evil they can mis understand or just plain color their understanding to try to pursuade others to discount your experiences as well. I am sad that some people are angry at me because I have had success with many of my treatments. I don't understand this. Some of them wanted me to come out against Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy I wouldn't do it and the vendetta started.

I didn't profit monitarily from anyone regarding SCT but the Stem Cell Treatment was a lot of help to me. I have had 1 SCT from Bio Mark who the US government put out of business and tied up their funds. BioMark CBSCT took refuge in South Africa and many people had paid for treatments which they didn't get. The US has tied up the money from the BioMark bank accounts which people paid in advance. I found benefits from the BioMark treatments so I think they had a good product. Some people blame me for this although I did no more than to relate my good experience with the Stem Cell Treatments and I told the truth now and then. I found another Doctor in Mexico who is doing the Placenta implants and I have had two of these treatments in two years. Being in my late 60's I feel I needed the boost these cells give me. The treatments like IV Chelation, IV Ozone, colonics, Zeolite, Diet changes, allergy treatments, and life style have helped me gain on the MS the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is helping to kill the paracites and remove the Mercury. I have had some comparison computerized tests and they are showing improvements. I intend to have further tests lab blood and urine analysis as soon as the lymph glands are no longer infected and inlarged. I hope this explains the past and I am ready to continue on to a better future. I believe our best shot on the way to health is reaching out and helping each other. I truely appreciate hearing and reading about others experience and sharing the joy of those who are able to stop aching, spasms, itching, indigestion, brain fog and many of the other symptoms which are the result of chronic illness. I am pro holistic treatments and support those who are willing to give the effort to fight negitivity and the modern establishment corporate food, medicine, insurance, and political influence to find the joy of life and health. My best wishes to all who come here including those who have not yet decided to become a part of the recovery process. Isafireguy I appreciate your helping to keep this a civil place. I hope there will be a change of heart in some of the people who are trying to destroy the belief in Miracle-Mineral-Supplement a good no great treatment. MW

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