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Re: Rescue Dog and Submissive Urination by anja ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   4/17/2008 11:05:08 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Yeah, you never know, and I am both trying to be open about the type of dog, but also knowing what I can and can't handle. It's weird, I just got an e-mail responding to an inquiry I put in on a dog close to a month ago, asking that I fill out an application, since it was still available, though another family was interested. I spent an hour and half filling out this lengthly app. and composing a short letter about what happened with other rescue dog I had to return, I thought I should be honest, and described what we were looking for. We are more than qualified, I have not been rejected by any rescue group I've communicated with. I had a Yorkie for 15 years and was totally devoted to that dog, not to mention the many thousands of dollars I shelled out for vet care, dentals, 2000k cataract surgery when she was 14, supplements, I made her food from scratch, wanted the best possible life for her...I'm like a dream dog-owner, work at home, fenced yard, no kids, no other pets...the only thing better would be if we lived on a farm or something.

I asked for my application to be kept on file, but got an immediate and very curt reply that they did not have a suitable dog, and I'm quite sure my app. got tossed in the trash and no doubt they wouldn't consider me in the future. I know it's because I told them about this recent experience - God forbid I was honest with them and with myself in admitting that I wasn't up to the task of training a very hyper, submissive urinator in my small bungalow, we have no "safe" place for routine accidents and marking, possibly other than the basement, but I am not going to confine the poor dog to the basement or a crate for weeks, months or longer. I must be a terrible person and a very bad dog owner.....

Sour grapes and feeling unduly rejected, obviously, but I'm realizing some of the rescue groups are way too over the top protective about their dogs. I'm offering to do a good thing by taking a rescue and not going to a breeder, and the fact that I returned a dog because it was an unfortunate poor match for us shouldn't rule me out as an adopter, but I'm getting the message I should not offer too much information in the future.

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