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Re: Rescue Dog and Submissive Urination by anja ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   4/18/2008 8:30:48 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thanks for the encouragement! I am having trouble letting go of this one. I really wanted her, but I panicked when I realized what would be involved in working with her, and I was completely unprepared for that particular behavior, it was the one thing that was kind of a deal-breaker in terms of what dog I chose, and I should have realized that if she had exhibited that behavior in the recent past, that was her tendency/personality and it was going to come up again. If I had a crystal ball and knew for sure we would be through it in a certain number of weeks or months, I would have kept her, but I wasn't convinced I was the one to help her un-learn it, if that's even possible. She was SUCH a sweet, loving little dog, though, and I have been a depressed basket case all week about the whole thing, I don't know why I can't put it all in perspective. I sort of feel like I failed her or something. I know she is one of many thousands who need good homes, and she just happens to be the one I got attached to, brought home, spent time with, imagined her as my dog. I have had a number of "dog people" tell me I gave up way too soon, should never have expected her to be any better than she was on the very first day, and that's true... I just don't know if I'm cut from that cloth. I sort of have my own health issues and a very full work schedule, plus a husband who is really not on board with the whole dog thing. If I was retired and had nothing but time, maybe a different home set up with a good size room where I could confine her comfortably indefinitely while we worked on the submissive urination and marking behavior....

Anyway, I have been going back and forth on whether I should offer to try again if they cannot find her a good home and she's headed for a sad future or worse. If this was a rescue group, I know that wouldn't even be a option, but it's an SPCA and they might go for it. Probably that would be a mistake, though, and I need to let it go, just chalk it up to a difficult learning experience. You're right, though, I need to make a definite wish list and stick to at least the most important elements.

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