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Re: Help diagnosis 4-month old infant (pics) not vaccinated, exclusively breastfed, cheek area has rash and yellow scabs by seanine ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   4/19/2008 7:37:59 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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This is Seanine. My son started with the face on the cheeks. He is 8 now and still has eczema all over. I have tried everything and have seen dermotologists, dieticians, immunologists and naturapaths. Your daughter definatley has eczema, I believe. The great news is she got it before 6 weeks old therefore the likelihood of her growing out of it before 6 or 7 is extremely good. I had it as a child and my son is severe. We have treated him everyday.I will give you some pointers.

Like everyone else, our whole lives are filled with experimenting with everything.Dermotologists only want to shove harsh steroid creams or immunosuppressants into our son. Thats not a life. We have seen immunologists, dieticians and Dermo's for years. Just recently a naturapath. The Dermo's have only treated the symptoms after the reactions. We all know eczema is a disease so we need to take control of it, Not treat the aftermath.

The naturapath was the best so far. She has the right lets get to the bottom of whats causing it and eradicate any possible causes in the mean time. She also looks at stress and other factors. I can tell everyone a few pointers from everything Ive learnt over the years and even from my mum who treated me when I was severe and flown to Camperdown wrapped up like a mummy. Now my poor son has it and we have treated him for years.

Get her tested (Pricktested) for allergies Even I did and I found out I had allergies to things I wouldnt even think of such as Blue Gum and Eucalypt trees. son has it done atleast once a year.

Stay cool. I know from experience, hot skin causes flare ups and itchiness. In fact that was the only time I ever scratched.

Eat a balanced organic healthy Diet and don't put any stress on your liver with fatty foods and too much gluten or sugar. Sugar suppresses the immune system.
Apparently out of all the eczema sufferers they tested in a study, most had bowel problems and their bodies were not digesting all the gluten, sugars, colours, preservatives and processed foods, therefore stressing the body. When the body stresses it comes out through the skin. Oh and try not to eat foods high in natural flavours (salicilates and amines). Any acidic fruits, tomatoes, honey. There is a huge link between these foods and allergies. I can tell people what foods these are. The dietician at the hospital took these out of the diet and slowly introduced them again one by one. I read articles at Uni and half of every person taken OFF cows milk had their eczema go away. My new son is on breast milk and goats milk.

Eradicate as many dust mites as possible. Rip up carpets. Get dust covers for the matress and covers. Get leather lounge etc. Only ever wet wipe to clean dust.

Never have pets in the house. I found out it is not only the pet saliva but pets shed dander. The dust mites feed of this dander and it makes their faeces so much stronger. People are allergic to dust mites faeces, not the dust mites themselves.

Dont use chemicals if possible inside or outside the house. YOU WILL SURVIVE! People think they need to kill everthing with strong bacteria sprays and so on, when they have proven recently that we are actuually causing more allergies by not exposing our children to everyday bacterias and allergens. I clean everything naturally. Eucalyptas oil is great for everthing. Disinfectant, toilet, killing dustmites, find old wife tail stuff. Ask people. BUT if they are already allergic, DONT expose them.

I could go on for ever talking about this stuff.

How we treat our son
quick shower, sorbolene all over body. He is covered with wet and dry bandages all over neck to toe. We do this three times a day to avoid steroids.Moisturising all the time is very important.
My son drinks lactose freemilk. eats less preservatives colours. only real meat no processed foods bad stuff. please ask me about anything i have written, but my advise for you,

keep her cool moisturised with sorbolene and glycerin cream 10%.Glycerin is the closest to our skin oils.Only breathable cotton clothes.never wool!Eradicate as many dust mites as possible.bath her in QV flare up bath oil. put oats in a stocking in the bath with her. it is a natural anti inflammatory. DONT EVER USE SOAP ON is taboo with eczema.soap causes eczema. soap makes the ph balace in the skin go down causing dry itchy skin.from now on only ever use soap free products. there are plenty of soap free washes. i have a new baby 5mths now and he had a little bit of eczema it has just completely gone.

your diet is very important.she drinks what you eat. try to eat healthy avoiding dairy, nuts, soy and colours preservatives and definatley processed foods. eat only real food. make sure you supplement your calcium. and you should have the omega 3 it wont effect her.

where do you work.make sure you or her are not stressed out. stress causes eczema. try not to let her cry.your pets need to be outside re: the information above.

I hate to say it but she could have it for mnths maybe years as my son has, so i am more than happy to explain why i told you these things. please contact me.

ps we found that the wet and dry bandage dressings have been the biggest gift to control the problem. i will explain. good luck



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