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Re: To O by rygar. ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   5/9/2008 7:37:29 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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actually I lead a pretty solitary lifestyle both in terms from an emotional and mental stand point.I am very much a die hard loner and have very little need for
interpersonal connections or intimacy.I was venting because before,well..just to vent
as a form of 'safe' expression of how I was feeling at that moment in time,
once it's out it's out for good and like an empty large bottle that has been
filled up,it's now empty.I of course don't bottle every last emotion up but when it
comes to relating on one or whatever I do it,though in a way that may seem
eccentric or strange..because I will do it in short bursts of intensity,get out
what needed to be said then I will become as detached and aloof as I once

It can be tiring to deal with me in particular because one second I can
be willing and ready to talk about whatever,my feelings,what's going
on and such then the next moment I am not even there.

I think you are right about the whole biology thing and it not being totally
psychological because the only times I become irate and moody is when everything
is out of whack,to my eating,sleeping to whatever..EVERYTHING is an ordeal during
my bad states though with a clear head,plenty of rest and to eat..I feel fine and looking back at things that used to upset me it really is humorous in a way in
how I acted (or over-reacted).

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