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Re: To O by rygar. ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   5/10/2008 4:01:18 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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thanks for the kind words.

lol if it's one thing I know's confrontation.

and also how to resolve things as well as letting things roll of my back
in certain situations.

I know that the only thing that makes me angry nowadays is if something or
someone threatens my relationships.I know I am no angel myself but my heart
really is in the right place despite of how I may react towards my loved ones.

I know how I am and when I get my 'bad days',it's just so hard for me on those
days to see the truth from what's only in my mind that is upsetting me.
But looking back with a clear head I can see now that it's just really a
bad state and that nearly ANYTHING could set me off,not just any one thing
in particular,though it may be centered around one issue,it really isn't as
big a deal as it would be with a clear head.

No meds,no testosterone check.Though in the past I did work out a ton and
I have a feeling it did effect my testosterone levels a bit.I read somewhere that
working out causes natural surges in testosterone,though natural- it's like
getting huge shots of it at a time because I used to work out so intensely.
It feels like every time I get a testosterone surge now,even without working
out so often it feels like I still get those rushes I used to get when working
out intensely.

I am a loner because of a horrid past,through coping it was the only way to
break loose from destructive and painful patterns..not to mention some very
evil people.I just happened to get used to it in the long run.I noticed that
the less and less I needed people the more they were drawn to me and though
I was capable of being horribly irate and grumpy on certain days,my redeeming
qualities eventually shined through and the closests around me accepted me
regardless,even with my eccentric ways.

I put on this persona of being such a bad ass all the time,when behind closed
doors I am really sensitive and have a big heart.It just takes FOREVER for
anyone to get to that level with me.



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