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Re: A shill is a shill is a zionist! by Ohfor07 ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   6/1/2008 9:38:29 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Agreed. You nailed it.

Something else you said:

Haven't you heard of children who have been sexually molested by a parent who suppress the memory and say that the parent is a good person, or who are not believed by the other parent because to do so would upset the family system?

I have not heard about this, per se, but have read plenty by a few others who claimed to have researched and subsequently reported on what they found is a literal industry - a fairly old industry at that, involved in systematic abuse of humans, particularly children. This in itself is merely one of the stages involved in deliberate process of mind-control methodology. As such the abuse often involves SRA - ritualized abuse. Going back some years, the rare abused person with the nerve to come forth and publicly accuse their abusers had been happening often enough that the industry subsequently put into place an additional layer of effort to safeguard what they otherwise wished to keep generally secret from public disclosure. They created a division subsidiary to their abuse industry, an industry that is said to be an age-old worldwide racket. As you can imagine, this is a complicated situation on various counts. This situation has been kept quiet enough over the years that the average person just cannot fathom that it could be true, so this constitutes another barrier to this kind of story getting out into the public at large. There have been relatively few people researching this kind of situation. It is further complicated by the fact that this is not the kind of situation that is easy to get into the public even when somebody has gone to the effort to dig up this kind of dirt ..... like you say, people do not want to upset the apple cart .... too much shifting of people's ingrained versions of reality would be required. It goes without saying that people with their hands on the buttons of the monopoly media apparatus are among those who would really prefer to not know this kind of story is going on. Anyway, as this particular story goes, behind the scenes of this industry there are quite a few doctors of various stripes - men and women, contributing their flavor of learned labor to this industry, especially people with the whole range of psych attached to their titles. Talk about upsetting the apple cart. Several years back there had been a couple of these shrinks, quite prominent people at that, who'd been a little bit brash with with their brand of buggering and eventually were publicly accused of being involved in this system. In an effort to head off these kinds of inconveniences, a new operation was set into motion to help defuse if not dismiss all together these annoying situations. This operation has been subsequently nicknamed False Memory Spindrome. It is located in Philadelphia in near proximity to Drexel University. Among it's main directives is providing a stable of "experts" on demand to provide canned testimony on behalf of some of these people accused of being part of these rings that systematically abuse people / children. The basic scenario is as such: an abused person brings charges against a given person or persons; in those instances when the case garners enough attention that it actually makes it into a court trial, the defense eventually calls their expert to testify; the expert claims "oh, this person is suffering from False Memory Syndrome which is itself the byproduct of a mental derangement wherein the accuser is convinced in their mind that they have endured the abuses they claim BUT these claims are simply a figment of their imagination".

I first read about FMS around 4 years ago. This was one of those experiences that really floored me. It was not long after that by coincidence I found myself in Philadelphia one night, walking across the river from central city to visit the neighborhood of Drexel just to have a look-see.



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