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Re: Surely you jest my good friend! by 2Sirius ..... Global Warming Discussion Forum

Date:   7/17/2008 7:32:02 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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You look at it as the big bad corporate world but this bs will cost miilions of jobs and is already costing billions going on trillions of tax payers money spent on this junk science! You can tax the hell out of industry they dont care they just pass the cost to the consumer doubling the cost of the basic needs of survival ! For what? some chicken shit Science that is not provable! So chicken shit they have to keep changing the slogan from AGW to AGC to cover up the scam !
Check out some of the real costs of this junk science! All you envirofreaks are nothing but a group of rich spoiled brats who never had to wake up hungry a day in you yippy yuppy lives! If things get tough for you people you just hit up mom and dad!
I find it funny that you dis independent Science but support the masters in charge and their bogus bought and paid for scientist whores from the UN a Rockefeller Cabal entity! Are you really this blind ,you claim I support the corporate world but its exactly the opposite the way I see it! But then I have eyes!
Im not blinded by liberal dogma!
Become a man, read the link foolish hippy child!


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