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Re: Info for you (I'm not Luella but she is about 15 feet away) by bagsy ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   7/18/2008 9:17:41 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Thanks to everyone (well, almost everyone) for the good advice. My last dog had hypothyroidism, diabetes, cushings disease, and eventually leading to kidney failure, so I am fairly educated on the typical issues of kidney failure. The dog I have now I adopted from a rescue group when she was close to 1. She was dropped at the gates of a shelter in a hail storm, so they named her Haley. A rescue group pulled her from the shelter, and that's how I found her. Anyhow, I'm thinking there's a possibility that she may have been vaccinated before she was dropped off and then again by the rescue group, since they do not know prior histories of the animals. I get her blood work done twice a year, basically because of the health issues of my last dog and wishing that I had done that all along so that I could have caught some of the problems earlier. Haley had raised liver enzymes and her BUN level was near the high end of the normal range even in her first batch of blood work. Her liver enzymes are now normal, and I think this is due to me giving her several rounds of an herbal parasite cleanser (Humaworm). I had read that parasites can possibly cause the elevated levels. Her BUN level, however, is now just above the normal range. I feed her a high quality frozen raw food with some added vegetables and cottage cheese. I give her a natural supplement to aid the kidneys and also probiotics. She eats a little dry kibble (Nature's Variety brand), and I sometimes do cook her food --- high quality meats and vegetables. The closest thing to a starch/carbohydrate I give her is sometimes yams. I would NEVER feed the vet recommended types of foods for kidney issues. That is usually the Prescriiption food they sell, which contains by-products and many other disgusting ingredients. She has also been getting distilled water most of her life. I used to drink it also but got tired of lugging home jugs of it from the store (have not invested in a home distiller). Haley does sometimes drink from my glass (I know this is a BAD habit --- I do the Humaworm parasite cleanser several times a year, also), so she does get a little bit of filtered water, but the majority of her water is distilled. I learned about the distilled water during my previous dog's health issues. I will start adding some silver to her water when I get it.

Since my friend's dog's tumors are non-cancerous, would you still recommend the gold, silver, oleander, AND inositol? They are fatty tumors -- lipomas. I'm not sure her husband would "approve" of her buying all of the products. She was thinking about having the fatty tumors removed, but she doesn't really want to put her dog under if she doesn't have to. She is part pug with breathing issues and is older, so it can be risky. From what I've read on the fatty tumors, they are thought to be caused (in the holistic/natural world) from the body's immune/endocrine system not functioning properly and the body trying to eliminate toxins. She feeds her dog high quality food (Nature's Logic) and proteins and vegetables. She no longer vaccinates, doesn't use flea treatments, etc.

I don't know if she would get a silver puppy, but maybe I could eventually and make ionic silver for her. I am going to get some silver and gold from Utopia and plan to give her a bottle of the silver to at least get her started. Since the lumps are non cancerous, how much should she give? Since she has other animals sharing the water bowl, should she try to maybe mix it in the dog's food or something to make sure she gets enough of it each day?

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