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gonna go back on.. by rygar. ..... Warrior Diet Forum

Date:   7/21/2008 2:41:39 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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well,after trying to go back to the standard way of eating-
I noticed that my moods have been all over the place as well as feeling alot more
tired then before.I have also noticed that I generally feel weaker and tired more
often then not when my protein and fats go down while my carbs went up.

I tried drinking weight gainers again but only to get bloated and ill even.
I will continue to drink a protein shake after my workouts but that's it.

I will still have a small protein meal for lunch,then fast til dinner where I will
eat a large one like before.Mostly meats/fats,some raw veggies and a small portion of
carbs mostly in the form of sticky rice.I can't seem to digest most carbs and brown
rice doesn't do too well neither for me.Chili seems fine,also the source of fiber is
good but I don't want to over rely on them too much.Salads and raw veggies seems best for me,even steamed veggies seemed to block me up.

I think the hardest thing for me to get back to is cutting out alot of carbs
because for the last few months it's been all that I have been eating lately,
no wonder I feel like crap lol.Lost alot of strength and alot of my potency
of when I was on the WD full on and eating more protein and fat.

Thought about eating protein for breakfast but I just don't get as hungry in the
morning.I am still incredibly lean and muscular though even with only working out
haphazardly (though intensely.not quite sure how that even works out for me lol)

eating small meals was not only tedious but I just wasn't hungry anymore,especially
if they were protein/fsat meals.Carbs and too much of it made me incredibly hungry
and my energy levels were all over the place even with low glycemic complex carbs.
Fats,especially from chicken,butter and pork seems to really calm me and balance
me out.

I remember why I stopped all weight gainers in the first place,it was the source
of so much congestion and indigestion- thoguh they do work,they made me feel
like crap...

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