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Lindsey Williams by WhistlingBooger ..... Politics Debate Forum

Date:   8/2/2008 10:34:20 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sorry bud, I have to disagree with the bugs harming the ozone layer stuff. I know a lot about ozone because my wife and I use it. I've researched it for years and I've written an article about ozone
and how it's probably the closest thing to a cure all there is. Ozone kills all bacteria, virus, molds, fungus, parasites, & cancer. All lower life forms like those can't process ozone (O3) and will die from it. Here's the story about my wife who had cancer and should have been dead years ago.


I'd like to thank you for making me aware of Lindsey Williams! Great stuff! I downloaded his videos called "The Energy Non-Crisis" "Torn From The Land" "Syndrome Of Control" & "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". You can find most of them on YouTube & Goolge videos I think. Try this
You can download a couple of his books if you look around too. The videos really enlighten a person on how the elite operate the world, more than any videos I seen before. Bottom line is there is no oil shortage at all. The world is literally full of lies. It also seems oil isn't what they claim it is either, as far as it being thousands of years old. The oil field in Alaska is replinishing itself.

I'm working on a magnet motor that doesn't use any fuel sorce like oil, gas or electricity. We've been lied to about all this too. Physics is wrong. Physics says magnets don't use energy because nothing moves, even though they defy gravity for many years while hanging on your fridge. According to physics a person doesn't use energy while hanging from a cliff by a rock. I'm sure we would all disagree with that when we are unable to hang from that rock after a while and fall to our death. Anyway, I'm waiting on the parts to do this and will upload a video of it here at curezone once it's up and running.

Oh yeah, here's another video I found this morning about the Swanson River Oil Field that's supposed to be 5 times larger than the Gull Island field.


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