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Re: Ice Age Blitzkrieg - Sudden Onset by pawel110 ..... Global Warming Discussion Forum

Date:   8/3/2008 7:59:44 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Fact is - all evidence does suggest there will be an ice age - but when and how quickly is as much a mystery as my dogs penchant for soap.

The main reason many doubt media driven factoids on global warming or ice age theory is the claimed accuracy of the information provided.
As mentioned - we don't know when or how quickly a new ice age will arrive so what is the point in speculating; we apparently along with a world full of plants and animals etc have survived the last one and I am sure that there was no planning involved.
Just reactive adaptation.

As for global warming - for example - Lord Monckton alerted the UN March 2, 2007 with a list of 31 errors and exaggerations shortly after launch of the summary in February 2007.
The Document was peer reviewed - supposedly - but how could so many mistakes and exaggerations have taken place if it was?
The supposed expert organization in the world has proven itself to be inaccurate and a promoter of inaccurate information.

The discrepancy between funding research into AGW and so called dissenting views are $50billion to $20million in favour of the agw alarmists research.

My point is that the argument is naturally one sided in favour of the AGW researchers simply because of the funding issue.

Equal funding, Transparent process, publicly accessible debate, equal media coverage, independent body of research for review (non government and non - industry related as much as possible) is what is needed but this sadly is not the case.
Therefore there is not an accurate representation of the data by the mainstream media which can only be politically driven whether you believe it to be a Conspiracy or not, it is being used to ultimately induce fear, change our behavior (control) and for monetary gain through taxation.

Agrofuels now threaten food supplies.
Power restrictions don't exactly promote economic development in any country.

The word Conspiracy can apply equally to government or to any government related group as it can to any group of individuals.
Just read through the pages on this website.
vaccinations, the fda, mercury amalgam, fluoride etc etc etc

Couldn't the fear, control and extra taxation be taken as a Conspiracy against us ! in light of the blatent inaccuracies we have been told are true?


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