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Mind Controlled CIA Assasin Robert Duncan O'Finioan by #1666 ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   8/16/2008 4:42:41 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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This man, taken as a six year old child by the US Government, was tortured beyond comprehension to split his personality and turn him into a super soldier. It was only after a car accident that he started getting his memories back.

He is one of only a FEW people involved in these projects speaking out to try to bring awareness to the fact that our own government (and those of other countries) STILL TO THIS DAY are kidnapping, torturing, and brainwashing children to use them for their programs.

Robert Duncan O'Finioan Website

This first interview was done by Project Camelot (Runtime 1 hour 13 minutes)

Second interview also done by Project Camelot with Dave Corso, a Black Ops soldier who was able to corroborate some of Duncan's testimony (runtime approx 34 minutes)



August 2008 -- Recent Interview with Duncan O'Finioan  -- Breaking out of MK ULTRA

May 2008 -- Duncan and Dan Doe Interview on CIA Mind Control Experiments and Infiltration

May 2008 -- Mind Control Followup on Truth Brigade Radio with Duncan O'Finioan

February 2008 -- Duncan O'Finioan on Truth Brigade Radio

February 2008 -- Part 2 Duncan O'Finioan on Truth Brigade Radio 

September 2007 -- Duncan O'Finioan Interviewed by Chris White

April 2007 -- Duncan O'Finioan and Dave Corso Interviewed on the Jerry Pippin Show

March 2007 -- Duncan O'Finioan Interviewed on Nowhere to Run with Chris White

November 2006 -- Duncan O'Finioan Interviewed - Robb Revere of Revere Radio

 Duncan O'Finioan Interviewed - Red Ice Creations (YouTube videos 1-7)




October 2008 Dead Lift 1000 Pounds

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                                       October 2008 Dead Lift 1000 Pounds                                         
                                       October 2008 Dead Lift 1000 Pounds                                         

                                       October 2008 Dead Lift 1000 Pounds                                         

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