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Re: Proof is in the Pee by Oztin ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   2/2/2006 9:44:31 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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yes you can, I did it for the second time today. Think of it as kind of a sacred, ritualistic thing you are doing to heal yourself. I have a feeling it has a calming effect of some sort, too, at least I felt that way the past 2 days. The first day was harder, but I did it first thing in the morning before I had time to wake up and think about it. Today was almost a no-brainer. Hold your nose then take a swig of water or juice or something right after if you need to. A little peppermint oil under your nose will help calm your stomach. I have swallowed much worse, believe me. I was a little queasy for a few hours - strictly from thinking about it. It's the idea more than the acutality of it. It's only been 2 days I drank about 1/4 to 1/2 cup just in the morning, and the yeast/bacterial infection I've had going on down south off and on for years(don't want to freak you out if you're a guy), is already better, I can't believe it. I hope this doesn't offend you on any level, but....anybody who's swallowed semen can swallow urine. I do the former not for fun but for love and the reward of a happy, grateful partner, and if gulping pee makes me well after struggling for years with chronic infections & pain, it's well worth any transient unpleasantness.

Your other option is to make a homeopathic tincture with it & take a few drops at a time, it would be so diluted you wouldn't even taste it, if you don't think you can take the straight stuff.

BTW, if you've got rosacea, you might want to check out They believe it's caused by human demodex mite, and I believe it too. I used one of their products very successfully, and it's possible that urine will kill them for free, hard to say. It would be worth trying the cheap route, first. Apparently we all have them, but they start causing problems in individuals who don't have strong immune systems, and the UT is supposed to help with immunity.

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