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Re: Tried UT today after one year of research into it. by #43216 ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   2/9/2006 8:09:44 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi famousunknown,

I got your email and since this post is similar I'll just respond here.

I have only been getting into UT for the past maybe 4 or 5 days now, so I don't know much about getting rid of moles, though I have read it can be done, especially if injecting instead of just rubbing. I've also seen similar for warts.

I have a medium sized mole on my lower abdomen/waist area (the only significant mole I do have, and have had for probably 10-12 years), and at some point I will be experimenting on it to see what works, just out of curiousity (the mole doesn't really bother me or anything). I'll save your email and when I start experimenting on the mole, which might not be any time soon, I'll email you with updates especially if I notice any significant improvements.

It sounds to me though, like you've already "found the answer" as far as moles go. You got rid of one completely, by poking a small hole in it and then covering it with urine? And you even said within 2 days the mole was gone except for some under the skin. That sounds like pretty noticeable results to me. And then with the other moles you are just applying the urine, but not poking the moles, and seeing no results, right?

Which to me indicates that the crucial point in getting rid of moles is to have the urine actually penetrate into the blood of the mole. If you are going to continue poking with a needle or whatever, make sure you sterilize the needle well, and don't poke too deep. I'm sure even enough to simply break the skin will be enough for the urine to start penetrating and working through the rest. Don't just thrust into the whole mole. Take it a little bit at a time. Also I don't know if covering with a urine-bandaid and just leaving that on is the best way to go (anyone else have thoughts on this?) ... to me it would be better to leave it uncovered and just apply urine frequently throughout the day, but that's just my thoughts, I could be wrong.

Another thing to think about:

There are differences between simply applying UT externally, versus actually using it internally. Externally is certainly useful and good, but I think internally is where a lot of people are getting most of these "rapid results" from (especially in the case of actual illneses!).


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