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Arsenic? Mercury? Formaldehyde? by airfrance ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   2/14/2006 9:41:38 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am sure this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the right thread to it. So is it okay to do urine therapy when there's a high amount of Arsenic in the body? Can anyone link me to answers?

I did a hair test indictating that I have a lot of Mercury and Arsenic. According to a previous thread, the toxins are actually excreted through the Stool, not the urine. If that's the case, then how is it possible for people to test Mercury and other heavy metal levels in the urine?

What if I use a filtrations sysmtem (such as Brita water filter) to remove the metals from the Urine? Would that remove everything else too? haha, obviously I have no idea how this works...

I have a lot of muscle twitching, fatigue, headache and my are have been getting blurry/floaters/poor night vision (must be spending too much time on computer searching for miracle cures).

I am hoping urine therapy will help, without intoxicating myself with the heavy metals.



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