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Re: Arsenic? Mercury? Formaldehyde? by risingsun ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   2/15/2006 11:21:00 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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For me personally, I am most concerned about mercury and lead in my own urine. If drinking my own urine would just be putting back in what I want to get rid of then it would make me wonder if using urine might have some negative effects? I have looked into research about urine therapy and to tell you the truth, it is difficult to find any clinical studies that support urine therapy. In one way it makes it the ultimate possible cure that could be re-emerging because of the unlimited range of possibilities that the internet makes available or it might just be that unine therapy has been tested and found to have short or long range negative effects and dropped by those who have done studies on its effects. History is written by the victors and the history of urine therapy has not been written by those who have done double blind studies and published those findings. At least from what I can easily access from google searches. I am going to try to dig a little deeper into the Science of urine therapy and see if I can find more. Mostly, I have only found personal testemonies and while those are good, I would like to have a little more supporting evidence from a more scientific perspective before I give a thumbs up or down for urine therapy. I know there is a stigma related to urine therapy and perhaps this is part of the problem as well. In any case, if I was suffering from a life threatening disease and nothing else was working, I might be drawn to urine therapy. That is why I want to know more.

A lot of you may already know Urine Therapy works for you and you don't need any proof. If it works, it works. I am just not there yet. I am not a skeptic but rather, I like keeping my eyes wide open when approaching any alternative health
claim. I am glad to have found this forum. The positive results reported here for the use of urine as medicine makes me want to learn more. Thanks for all of the information. So far I have used urine on fire ant bites and my hair with positive results. I just have not become a true believer yet for all of the claims of Urine Therapy. I am researching Urine Therapy with great interest though. If you know of any studies that claim a positive or negative result for using Urine Therapy, I hope you would post them in this forum. There are so many medical doctors that quit traditional medicine for alternative treatments. Does anyone know of any M.D. Doctors or former M.D. Doctors who swear by Urine Therapy? I would like to know of any reasearch they may have about Urine Therapy or interview them and report their story and any research they may have found about Urine Therapy.

Sincerely, R


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