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Re: hepatitis c treatment focus - cirhosis or virus? by sunangel ..... Hepatitis C Support HCV

Date:   8/28/2008 12:18:54 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Phantom

I use s.a. wilsons special enema coffee, but regular organic coffee is good too. Here is Wilson's link::

He has coffee that is specially selected and he prepares with as little heat as possible in order to grind it. The problem with regular coffee is it is roasted crispy. The darker coffees have been roasted longer. Then, when you drink it, the stomach acids derange the nutrients even further. Not so with the enema coffee.

I always use a big dose - more than recommended. I use a cup of coffee to make four pints of coffee - each pint being an enema's worth. So four enemas per cup. I bring it to a boil in a pan, then let it simmer for fifteen minutes, strain it and I put it in 4 pint mason jars, filled to brim before putting on the cap and lid. That way there is little oxygen in the jar to oxidize it. Then it swill stay good in the refrigerator.

I must say, the coffee buzz is much purer than when you drink it. Not jittery at all, but still strongly effective.

After I put it in (fifteen minutes total, I do a manual self massage on my liver to help it activate and dump. I dig my fingers under my diapragm and under the right side of my ribcage and draw my fingers down towards the gall bladder, which is about half way between the sternum and the belly button and a little to the right. I also put my left fist on my right ribcage and pump it with my right elbow. As I said before, coffee enemas are the only thing in thirty years that I have seen that can stop detox reactions cold. You know the ones that hit in the second and third day of a juice fast? Eight minutes into it, the fog lifts like a cloud.

Both you and your brother have blood Sugar problems. I do when I go off diet also - a component of the hep c - diabetes association. The green juice stops Sugar cravings immediately for me, and never reappear when I am green juicing. I think the key is the alkaline pH of the blood. Mine gets to 8.0 with the green juice. You can measure with a test strip in your urine - you urine is an ultrafiltrate of your blood, so its pH is identical to your blood's pH. You should try it with an eye towards observing this phenomena. I think it is significant because it seems to be less about treating a symptom and more about correcting a process. Or like halting the progression of a process gone bad.

By the way, there are therapists that cure diabetes. One I heard of puts her patients on a 500 calorie a day elimination diet, sends them away, and tells them that in thirty days they should have dropped x many pounds, and if they haven't don't come back until they do. Only then can they get to work with her treatments and supplements. I think a green juice diet is an Elimination Diet that is therapeutic at the same time. If I had diabetes I would approach it that way, with a goal to cure it. I believe that would be easier than viruses or cancers, for sure.

Another god book is written by C. Leigh Broadhurst, something about diabetes in the title. She advocates and evolutionary diet. Man has existed for 50,000 of which only fairly recently have cooking, oils and other processing has taken place. So she says to normalize and optimize you should eat like our ancient hunter-gatherer-grazer ancestors. Raw food and lots of grazing. And she says that diabetes goes away with an evolutionary diet.

Also, pancrease is a little pricey, but worth it - remember insulin is a pancreatic enzyme. It also takes a big load off your liver.

Good luck developing your program brother. You can make it a race car or a jalopy, but you gotta own it and love it!

Good luck!

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