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Re: I just started Urine Therapy...Yeehaw! by #43216 ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   3/19/2006 4:40:01 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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You probably don't need me to tell you this, and I may be completely wrong, but I'll share my thoughts anyway:

Being "allergic" to so many different things, so many basic foods, even basic RAW foods, to me doesn't sound like "allergies", but some deeper digestive/assimilation or toxin filtration/removal problem. Some organ or area of the body that is having trouble (for whatever reasons) processing stuff properly, like some basic elements found in many different foods (even the "good" foods), or eliminating toxins properly. So if some crucial organ (like the liver or gallbladder or whatever, I dunno the specifics) is "clogged" or overloaded by toxins or somehow deficient or incapable of doing what it needs to do, then it could be getting highly irritated when you introduce new stuff, even simple stuff, and causing a toxic reaction throughout the body. If some area is "clogged up" -- gallstones, liverstones, lymph congestion, stuff in the colon, excess mucous, etc -- then adding more to that is like piling stuff onto an already overloaded garbage can, and the garbage has nowhere else to go so it ends up all over the kitchen floor!

You say your liver is in bad condition and I would assume that definitely has something to do with it, and could possibly be evidence of problems with other similar organs.

Like I said these are just my thoughts. I know many people are "allergic" to some common types of foods, mostly due to those foods either being hard to digest properly by us, or because of all sorts of artificially added crap (wheat and dairy come to mind!), but when you start having problems even eating normal, basic foods (cooked OR raw), then obviously something "isn't right" and to me is very indicative of something much more serious than just "allergic reaction" or a picky body or whatever...

Back to the UT stuff...

If your urine is very strong and concentrated even though you drink plenty of water and aren't eating most of those "bad" foods, then the main thing I can think of is that those organs (liver, kidneys, possibly others) are being overstressed and not functioning properly, or some toxic buildup is going on somewhere in that area, or a combination of both (which I think is the most likely, where both "conditions" just keep worsening the other, in some cyclic downward spiral!).

With your diet you should be fine drinking many glasses of urine a day, even if it is strong and respulsive! Someone else posted on here about their urine being in horrible condition -- filmy/stringy stuff in it, blood, cloudy, smelly, etc. -- and they still took it and saw rapid improvement with their problem ... I'll track down the thread if you want...

Water it down if you have to! Getting it in your system even in a diluted state is better than not at all, although preferrably you want to keep the dilution to a minimum.

UT is supposedly very effective when dealing with the organs that "create" it in the first place, or that it passes through during the normal digestive-assimilation-elimination process. Things such as: stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, bladder, urinary tract infections, STD's, etc.

Here are some other pointers:

- Start with small amounts and gradually increase from there, to avoid or diminish any initial "toxic die-off" or "healing crises" reaction. Common initial reactions even at lower amounts can be flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, headache, skin rashes/irritation I think, stuff like that.

- Be sure to at least take the morning midstream urine (or, first urine after waking), even if you don't take any more throughout the day. This is generally regarded as the "most important" urine to take as it contains a greater amount of certain hormones and other things that are built up in the urine during sleep, and has a higher concentration of other minerals and stuff.

- Wait 20-30 mins after taking urine, before eating anything. Wait 1 hour after eating, before taking any urine. I don't think this needs to be real "strict", but just a general guideline.

- Do external applications! This is "the other half" of UT. Internal use is good, but external should be done also as it allows different elements of the urine to penetrate the body in a different way, and to more easily get to different areas. You can use fresh or aged urine for this, though aged is preferred and generally considered to be far more potent for external use. If you want to try this out, collect urine in a loosely-sealed (not airtight) container over the course of a few days, maybe even a week, and then use that. It will have a pretty strong odor when you smell it! Like some pretty funky sourkraut or something. But when you actually start "working" with it and applying it, it doesn't seem to smell much different than fresh urine, thank God. Whether you use fresh or aged, just massage generous amounts of it onto the skin, especially face, scalp, feet, and any areas "close" to organs you think might be having trouble. Let it sit for some time (an hour or more) and then wash off -- or, if you don't have to deal with people much, just leave it on. Oh, and as if you needed me to tell you, don't drink the aged urine. That's just gross. And it might not have good consequences :)

And finally ...

I don't know a lot about liver/colon/kidney flushing, but those numbers (21 liver, 50 colonic, 30+ days MC) seem pretty high! I know you're supposed to do Liver Flushes until no more stones are coming out, but I'm not sure what the average amount of times for that is. But nevertheless... have you considered giving those areas a rest and trying some other flushing/cleansing, like kidney, gallbladder (is there one for that?), and stuff like that?

As far as I know, there are also BENEFICIAL bacteria/enzymes/whatever in the colon that need to be there to properly process and eliminate stuff. If you do an excess amount of colonics (I'm not sure exactly what that entails), or enemas, that may be clearing out those beneficial things also, leaving the colon/bowels open to even more trouble.

Also I know there are questions concerning The Master Cleanse and how it can actually be stressful or damaging to the system. Have you considered doing a less strenuous fast? Like a raw (fruit & vegetable) juice fast (this could be especially beneficial if you're having trouble digesting stuff normally), or urine fast (link below), or mono-fruit fast, or even water fast? Of course, you probably wouldn't want to do any of these for 30(!) days at once, but maybe ease into it, go for a week, and then ease out of it for a while, repeat if necessary at some later date after the body has had time to restabilize.

Here's a link about urine fasting you might be interested in:

Your remaining symptoms in conjunction with the food problem *ALL* seem to indicate (to me anyway) some definite toxic buildup or "congestion" of some kind in some critical organ.

So anyway ... that's my thoughts for you to consider, just incase you haven't thought about that stuff already! Hope it helps some :)



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