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Re: Urine - Topical Apllication! by #43216 ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   4/5/2006 10:49:46 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Smarty :)

The "batch" I have now is probably getting close to 2 weeks old, but uhh, it's starting to get pretty strong, with a very heavy ammonia content. I mostly use it on my head and face, and putting it around my eyes makes them start to burn some if I open them before it's been allowed to dry. And the "fumes" can be pretty strong if I put it around my nose...

I don't know if it's really safe to put such a high amount of ammonia around the face, nose and eyes, so until I learn some more about that I'm going to dump this out and start over, only letting it get to about 5 days before getting rid of it.

I've seen comments like "the older the better" for some uses, but I think that's more for "body" application or for treating scars and burns. It seems like the "sweet spot" for general use might be around 3-5 days.

I don't use UT to "treat" any major problem, so I don't really have any big success stories like some of the other people around here. :)

I have noticed some benefits from internal use (of fresh urine of course), but nothing "major" (like curing cancer or something). For example, it's done a lot to help with a "chronic throat clearing" problem I've had for a few years now due to excess sinus/nasal mucous congestion and the more "acidy" kind of mucous from the lower esophagus/stomach area. I also seem to be needing less sleep lately, and a few other little things like that. But it's hard for me to really tell if these things are a direct result of the UT or not, since I've been incorporating a lot of other stuff (more water and fruits throughout the day, bee pollen, rebounding, sungazing, xylitol, flax seed, and probably some other things I'm forgetting).

External application is still kind of in the "experimental" phase for me while I try out different ideas, but I have noticed that no matter what form it's in (aged or fresh), it seems to be pretty decent for softening, hydrating and rejuvinating the skin and hair...


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