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Re: Color of the urine.. by #43216 ..... Urine Therapy Support Forum

Date:   4/30/2006 11:10:52 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Clearer urine just means that there is a higher ratio of excess water being filtered out of the blood versus excess "other things". It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how "clean" your body or blood are.

The kidneys filter out "excess" of many things, and an excess of water in the blood is just as bad as an excess of anything else.

Someone who thinks "clear urine" equals "clean body/blood" would think that the urine should always be clear, and thus drink a lot of water in order to achieve that. Now, of course water is good in proper amounts, but there is also such as thing as too much water... not just in the blood, but passing through the system. Electrolytes and all that stuff is negatively affected by too much water "flushing" the system. Having clear urine all the time I think is a pretty good indication that your body is getting a lot more water than it really needs.

I guess my point is, how clear or diluted the urine is, or how concentrated and colored it is, is not really an indication of how "clean" the blood or body are. The only thing it indicates as far as I'm aware, is the ratio between water and other stuff being filtered out of the blood. And just because there might be a higher concentration of "other stuff" in the urine does not mean that it's "BAD stuff". A lot of "good stuff" is filtered out of the blood too -- excess is excess, regardless of whether we perceive it as "good" or "bad".

I don't even think the "water vs other stuff" ratio can be entirely depended on to indicate how hydrated or dehydrated you are. You would also have to take into consideration frequency and amount being passed, but even then I don't think it's a great way to find out. Just because you're passing a lot of clear urine does not mean your body is actually making use of that water, and vice vresa, just because your urine is more colored, doesn't mean you're dehydrated. There are other (and probably much more reliable) ways of finding out whether you're dehydrated or not.

Of course, you're going to get clear urine at times, possibly at various times of every day. But I don't think it's something you should "strive" for and view as "good". The urine is going to fluctuate throughout the day based on many factors and I think that's how it should be... I sometimes see people asking on here what the "optimal" color or concentration of urine is, as if they're gonna try and alter it or "make" it always be that "optimal" consistency/concentration/clearness/whatever, as if that's some indication of how healthy they are. But really it's not, and I don't think you should "try" to make the urine always be the same color or concentration.

Having said all that, if someone's urine is almost always very dark and orange/brown, that's probably a good indication of dietary issues (I imagine drinking coke/pepsi/etc. all day would cause this, for example), lack of hydration, or even internal bleeding or other things along those lines. And "always clear" urine is probably not a good thing either as explained above. I think ideally it should be "somewhere in the middle" and fluctuate within that "middle ground" without reaching too far to either extreme. If I had to choose, I would say that the "optimal" appearance is PROBABLY a nice translucent light yellowish/golden color.

And keep in mind that other organs filter out toxins and waste material from the blood BEFORE it's passed on to the kidneys, so even if you eat a lot of "bad" food, it may not be evident in the appearance of the urine at all, even though it may be wreaking havic on other areas of the body!

If someone is concerned about how clean/pure the body and blood are, I don't think they should rely on the visual appearance of the urine as any kind of indication of purity/non-purity, but instead focus more on what they're putting INTO their mouths in the first place.


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