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Re: ok back again by lounging ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   9/16/2008 6:11:36 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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You either have fecal odor which comes with the smell of fart, or the tonsil stones are really deep in the tosil hidey holes you know the holes that they come outta, now, the reason why we have these tonsil stones is because of a post nasal drip, which drips down the back of the throat and mixes with old food and other crap that forms those yellow/whitish balls of yuck(tonsil stones), theres a few ways to get rid of the tonsil stones completely(from my research over the years) one is pretty drastic, but works like a beauty, GET YOUR TONSILS REMOVED, now, the dr wont just let you get them removed if you tell them youve got tonsil stones because drs reckon theyre normal(wtf i know) but theyre not, they cause CHRONIC bad breath, so tell your doctor that you have really sore tonsils go on and on about how bad they hurt and you cant eat and look up what happens when your tonsils get infected and say thats whats happening to you and they cant say no you dont, so they will organise surgery to remove them. secondly you can try therabreath(Which only works for some) or you could get Antibiotics for the post nasal drip from the dr. goodluck, im fighting fecal odor and then im getting my tonsils removed, i f***n hate smelling!!!!! happy days curio

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