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A compilation of lies by Atari_64 ..... Evolution & Creationism Debate

Date:   9/23/2008 2:26:03 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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A compilation of lies


"There has never been a theory of evolution."
Clearly false and dishonest. 
No one knows how life began, but so-called theories of evolution are continually being announced.
Two lies. There is only one theory of evolution and origins are not required to model a theory.  The same can be said for gravity, atoms, tectonic plates, light, and nearly everything else, there is no need to address origin when constructing a theory as long as the theory meets the requirements of correctly modeling the known facts and be able to make predictions of yet unknown phenomena.
This book, The Altenberg 16: Will the Real Theory of Evolution Please Stand Up? exposes the rivalry in Science today surrounding attempts to discover that elusive mechanism of evolution,
The big ones have already been carefully observed and explained and they were not all that elusive as we've known about them for 150 years.

as rethinking evolution is pushed to the political front burner in hopes that "survival of the fittest" ideology can be replaced with a more humane explanation for our existence and stave off further wars, economic crises and destruction of the Earth.
That is a political / philosophical shift that you are imagining and has nothing to do with science. Evolution not humane or inhumane, it is a process. You might as well suggest that gravity is inhumane every time you fall.

Evolutionary science is as much about the posturing,



and bullying
that goes on as it is about actual scientific theory.

 It is a social discourse involving
Evolutionary science is not a social discourse, it is a scientific discipline

hypotheses of staggering complexity with scientists, recipients of the biggest grants of any intellectuals,
There is very little money available for evolutionary biologists / palentologists etc,

 assuming the power of politicians while engaged in Animal House pie-throwing and name-calling: "ham-fisted", "looney Marxist hangover", "secular creationist", "philosopher" (a scientist who can’t get grants anymore), "quack", "crackpot". . .

In short, it’s a modern day quest for the holy grail, but with few knights.
It is a scientific pursuit.

At a time that calls for scientific vision, scientific inquiry’s been hijacked by an industry of greed,
There is no such industry.

with evolution books hyped like snake oil at a carnival.
Evolution books get very little press.

Perhaps the most egregious display of commercial dishonesty is next year’s celebration of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species – the so-called theory of evolution by natural selection, i.e., survival of the fittest, that was foisted on us almost 150 years ago.
Christmas, Easter, anyone?
This is no different thatn the celebration of Newton's 300 a few years back. Scientific discoveries of the magnitude of Newton, Darwin, Einstein deserve a celebration as examples of trium of our intellect.  The author is a liar, Darwin's book was not foisted on anyone. It was published like other books and the evidence became so overwhelming no intelligent person could deny it in fact it took quite a few years before his ideas were accepted by scientists.

Scientists agree that natural selection can occur.
But the scientific community has known for some time that natural selection has nothing to do with evolution.
Without selection there can be no evolution; selection is essential

It also knows that self-organization is real,
No one has claimed otherwise.

that is, matter can form without a genetic recipe – like the snowflake (non-living). It does this without external guidance.
No need for creator, no need for intelligence, no need for purpose. All this fits nicely with evolutionary theory.

And that the Hydra (living), for example, can self-assemble its scattered cells even after being forced through a sieve.
And that you can prevent this from happening by blocking specific proteins that are essential to body plan. There are even some neat experiments where the we've grown two head and bi-caudal hydra, or hyra with head coming out of it's side to form a T. 

Yet, science elites continue to term self-assembly and self-organization "woo woo".
Since the only reason the author knows about the hydra is because the science elite told him, the accusation seem rather imbecilic.

they’re trying to steer science in a more honest direction, that is, by addressing non-centrality of the gene.
Since that is what scientist do as part of their profession, this is hardly news

So there’s a push for more investigation into non-genetic areas, for how body plans originated, for instance. Charles Darwin never said.
Wow! Genius, Darwin was not aware of Genes. The importance of RNA and non coding regions are under active investigation and if you are interested in body plan the all you need to do is look up ubx,  catenin, wtn, hox ...


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