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Date:   10/29/2002 7:28:47 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Maybe they aren't using Dr. Hulda's method? There are several different methods listed on this website. I have read posts from several people saying basically the same thing you have said about needing to strictly follow her method so I want to say my piece in response. Please don't consider this personal.

I have Dr. Huldaís book. Iíve read it several times though itís a bit much to absorb so Iím sure Iíll read it several more times. She says that the kidney cleanse would produce better results but isn't necessary for the liver flush. In fact, I went back and reread it because of the posts in this board. Thought I had missed something. I have absolutely no kidney problems. I don't even have any of the problems that are supposed to be related to kidney problems in her book. Since I used to have chronic kidney and bladder problems (15 years ago) I know the symptoms.

The reason some people throw up is because the bile gets pushed back into the stomach by the force of the liver contracting. I found that in one of the recipes (can't remember which one) from this web site. I am no longer concerned about the vomiting (it may even be a good sign that the body is working) and the grapefruit\oil mixture isn't too bad tasting at all.

I am going to do the kidney cleanse just to make sure I am clean. I can't help thinking I may be throwing money away since I have no symptoms of kidney problems. But I'm still doing it.

She does say that you should do the parasite cleanse because of liver flukes and I think that is important. She doesn't say that it's okay to do the Liver Flush without the parasite cleanse. But some of the people here have successfully done the flush without the parasite cleanse. I personally donít see the point of doing a liver cleanse without doing an intruder eviction first but if I were desperate for some kind of relief or didnít believe in parasites I might have done the same thing.

Think of it from thier point of view. Does it make sense to cleanse something you have no symptoms for when you might have overnight relief of gall bladder problems by doing one cleanse which you do have symptoms for? I have had relief of several long term problems because of doing the liver cleanse. While I may need to modify things till my pancreas is working properly I think it was a success despite throwing up or briefly feeling ill. I would have never bought her book or found some other solutions to my problems if I hadn't chanced upon this site and read all the Liver Flush recipes. I read all of them multiple times and did the one I thought I could handle. Because it was amazingly successful I decided to purchase her book.

I think that Dr Hulda is a scientist who has found some solutions but I also think that other peoples methods and research deserve merit. Iím not going to throw out what is working for me just because someone tells me they have a better method. Even if they have research to prove it. In other words Iím not tossing out the baby with the bath water.

I passed stones whether I slept or not. The first time I did it wasn't her method. I used lemon. I slept like a log except for waking up to throw up then, after rinsing the oil from my mouth, fell back asleep. I am actually glad that I hadnít read the archives about stones getting stuck. That would have made me nervous. The other two times were primarily her method without the orthine. And I still woke up and threw up. Slept poorly the third time yet still passed a lot of stones. At least several hundred on the night of poor sleep plus felt fantastic the very next day.

I don't think that everything she says about everything is correct. I can't live the way she recommends. I wish I could. I wish my life were that simple but it's not. I'm willing to make some adjustments taken from her book but I can't do it all. The only way I could do that would be if I got rid of my kids, my cats, my husband, my house and my business and probably my friends. Maybe then it would be that simple. Her book is all about finding alternatives, thinking in new ways, so that we can heal ourselves. I think that she would be all for anything that make people healthier even if it's not her method. It's the spirit of her whole book. She has found something that works and is telling us so that we can incorporate as much of it as we want.

And to be quite frank I have totally adjusted my life based on several health books in the past. The only one that has had long lasting health benifits for me has been the Atkins diet revolution. Which isn't technically a health book. While the other ones were wholistic and sounded healthier I just got sicker and sicker, with my blood Sugar getting more and more out of whack. I have vowed not to ever totally take a whole book for the law of my life again. I take what I can incorporate and keep what works. And even the Atkins method didn't have all the answers or I wouldn't be here.

Lets not lose sight of the goal being overall health despite the methods or even comfort used to arrive at that end. I know you and others feel that if we did her method strictly we would not have problems but no matter which method I do Iím going to be taking in lots of Sugar from the juice so as far as Iím concerned maybe it should have said make sure to do the pancreas cleanse and detox before doing the flush. Was that an oversight in her book? The body organs are all connected. Cleaning one of them will help the body be able to clean out the others.

Maybe people arenít ready for the overwhelming job of cleaning out all their organs yet till they have tried the liver cleanse and had success. Maybe they can't afford the herbs but they can afford a bottle of olive oil and some grapefruit or lemons. Maybe they have tried so many expensive cures they aren't willing to make the monetary investment till they test the waters first.

I find my own road to health to stutter along trying methods and keeping those that work on my own body. And I'm willing to allow others to find thier own way to health even when I adamantly disagree with it because it didn't work for me.

Take care,


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