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What's wrong with my body?! Answers Greatly Appreciated by ClearBlueHorizon ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   10/7/2008 5:43:07 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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To kick this off, I am: 19 / Male / 5'10

My Symptoms:

Acne: Since the usual age of 13, but resistant to all dermatologist prescribed ointments & Antibiotics , all over-the-counter creams, rinses, and washes, all natural remedies and cleanses I have tried.

Body Weight: I weigh 115 pounds, and have for over 2 years, never have I weighed more than 130. No matter how many calories or grams of fat I take in, I do not keep any of it. It goes in, it goes right back out.

Severe Nasal Congestion: Since early childhood or possibly since infancy, I have had a constant, infinitely unlimited supply of mucus, my body has never stopped producing it! I was constantly on Antibiotics & nasal sprays as a child & had weekly allergy shots for about 2 years to try to combat this "allergy", These never worked.
-In the last 7 years, I have rarely been ill or required/taken prescribed medicines, or continued with any of the above treatments, they were strictly when I was younger. I continue though to have never ending congestion-

Always Hungry/Stomach Pains: I can eat, then eat, then again eat, eat, eat. As I said, it goes it & goes out like clockwork, my stomach begins to hurt after 2 hours without something going in, occasionally when I have gone longer the pains become cripplingly painful.

Excessive Energy: Isn't much to say about this one this isn't obvious, I could type you folks up a couple more paragraphs about random things or take a 20 mile bike ride, completely undeterred.

There you have it, this cursed body in a nutshell, other than the above I feel fine, I'm active, social, 100% vegan diet for 4 years, 8 years prior vegetarian, sunlight, fresh air, stress free, you name it.

I'm asking anyone out there... doctors, patients, nutritional experts, holistic practitioners, uncle bob, homeless steve. I want everyone's & anyone's opinion on what might be wrong, because these combined things are seriously hindering & beginning to worry me.

Any advice/suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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