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What causes parasites to begin with? DRUGS! by UserX ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   10/13/2008 12:01:49 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Hi: I haven't been on this forum for nearly a year. It's apalling how it has changed and gone off on some kind of tangent towards a la la land of misinformation.
I have come back from "terminal" from a very bad liver situation caused by parasites and the resulting stones that were made by my body in my liver and a bad colon situation where the parasite eggs hid and multiplied. My situation was caused by DRUG poisoning. Drugs and chemical poisons predispose a healthy body to parasitic infestations. Drugs never cured anything. Drugs foul up the colon so it doesn't work properly. They may kill parasites for a little while, then you have to go offf the drugs and what do the parasites do? MULTIPLY! Come on, folks, thnk about it! So what do you have in the end if you use drugs to get rid of parasites? A body poisoned by drugs, a liver congested by drugs, a colon infested with parasites and their eggs. Come on. Let's get real! The Barefoot dewormer worked for me. So did the Zymex ll. I know the Humaworm works. Then clean out the body by doing the Liver Flushes and the colon cleanses. Stay ON an herbal dewormer and don't go off it until you have evidence by the Liver Flushes and a clean colon that the bugs are all gone. That's where the problem lies for so many people. They intermitently go on and off the herbal dewormers. They don't properly do the colon cleanses. You want ot get rid of parasites? How much simpler can it get? Not much!

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