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older dog (miniature pincher) rear leg problems today by mark1048 ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   10/15/2008 9:29:15 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi, my dog is a miniature pincher, shes an older dog- 15 years old, and 15 pounds. She has been walking with a limp the past few weeks it seams- but it would be on and off. A few weeks ago my sister thought she had a seizure- she said the dog yelped and couldn’t get up off the ground – she said she never made that type of noise before. She was unable to stand for about 15 minutes- the next day she seamed like she didn’t want to walk much. About a week later I noticed when she walks down the stairs, she hesitates, and she clenches her paws so she slips easier (floors are hardwood – but the stairs are carpet). She also slipped on the outside stairs (wooden steps) so that I am sure that was painful for her Also since then, it seams she has more accidents in the house (at one point she would urine every 3-4 hours) the vet said she may have a urinary infection- but tests came back clear. They gave her some meds to help control her bladder- since the meds she hasn’t gone so often and now can hold her bladder normally.

Yesterday she was really limping, today my dad said she wouldn’t even get up this morning. He took her outside and she wouldn’t even walk (he carried her outside) and she went the bathroom layng down. Then she finally got up and moved around alittle after 5-10 min. (she was limping lots)

I took her to the vets at around 9 am- my mom thought for sure they were gona put her to sleep. But he didn’t seam too concerned- he didn’t even bring the topic up. He gave her a cortisone shot, trimmed her nails (they were alittle long- perhaps aiding to her slipping ) and she was so scared while he trimmed them- that she was actually shaking her leg vigorously (as if she was clenching her paw real hard) and also gave her a liquid medicine to take daily (“Metacam”) The vet said he thinks her balance is alittle off- since it seams its her rear legs that is harder to control (she has better control of her front paws). He said also between that and her arthritis- is causing her to slip and not want to walk as much. He said to streach her legs out and rub them to prevent muscle loss- but he said other then her legs shes in great health.

I took her home and let her go on the grass and she went the bathroom and limped around- I carried her back inside and she slept on the ground on a pillow. She was there all day- my mom hand fed her and she ate- but wouldn’t get up. Tonight my dad took her out and he got her to stand up outside atleast.

I heard of some natural medicines that could possibly help her- such as "Joint Health Formula" (for dogs), and also one here

Several other similar products on the market. I was wondering if any are recommended over another? Or does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you for your help- any info is desperately appreciated.


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