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No worries! by mkbSFO ..... News Forum

Date:   11/13/2008 9:06:35 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Ridiculed? Hmmm... now we're dramatizing here...

You have a right to your opinion. Stay with it if it works for you... it's cool with me! I think it's a perfectly useful exchange here to have such dialogue. I don't think either should feel threatened by that. Just consider that there might be a lot of bad data associated with cacao, particularly since you could not even source the raw material anywhere in the US just a few short years ago. That is a brand new thing - it was just not available unless it was already completely chemically processed. Who was it... See's out of South San Francisco... Supposedly a major player in the 'family' chocolatier biz has been buying their stuff already completely made from Hershey, but just stamp their brand on it. Ugly stuff going on out there... Dagoba? Scared of them now...they were bought up recently by the big boys as well. Just can't trust any combination of a company having publicly traded shares any more. Profit, profit, profit. Whatever it takes to drive the price down and increase the profit margin. That's the stuff that get's tested. Not the raw cacao bean. I digress.

If one is an alchoholic, should we demonize the tincture or should we accept that there are beneficial levels and damaging levels of the same product. Perhaps it would be better to not demonize but rather support a moderate consumption if one sees great benefit. Charcoal filtered cheap vodka mixed in the Sugar and lemon juice (lemon drop anyone?) is not the same thing as a 5 times filtered vodka with a 25% ratio of Pau D'Arco, tinctured for 6-12 months. One is recreational poison, the other could be considered highly beneficial, if used properly.

The thing that never CHANGES here on CZ is that people steer others by simply summarizing a 15 minute Googling effort. I try to only speak on personal, ACTUAL results. That's all. Too much ego. Me - I'm too busy to care about ego...

Have a good one! :)

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