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Re: Do you think we were split up, because we made a good team? by JulieAKA87980 ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   11/20/2008 7:13:40 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I agree with you cured, you were never anything but civil. Darius was quite rude at one point, but it could have been handled between Glax and Darius a lot better than it was. I don't think name calling is ok on a support forum.
For Support Forums to work, somebody has to be the one who pulls the plug on unruly people, but you got shut up because you had an opinion that disagreed with a moderator, not a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Darius did deserve to get told to behave, but banning him wouldn't have been something I would have done. I sort pf think that moderating the parasite support forum would be about as much fun as teaching middle school, and they couldn't pay me enough to do that!

I felt quite badly about what happened when you were banned, but then if drugs worked on what I had, I'd take them in a heart beat, I'm not a doctrinaire herbist.

Did you see this one?


I'm almost afraid to post it, I am a shrink, and every single reader with delusional parasitosis is going to go in for an unnecessary mri:) This out of someone who is convinced they are getting sprayed by chemtrails.
So there you go! Again, sorry for my part in it, in retrospect, I'm sorry I didn't just keep my mouth shut.

I feel like smuse, I really was helped by the old forum, there is a need for an interdisiplinary approach. It's going on two years now that I killed off the huge tape worm, glad the buggers gone, my health is a lot better, and I owed nothing to a single doctor after getting it with herbs.

To be honest, I think parasites support worked because there was no exchange of currency involved, so the exchange of information was unbiased.



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