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Re: Lactose intolerance by charkee ..... Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Date:   12/10/2008 1:40:12 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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This is an interesting comment. We are taught from the crib that we are a product of our environment. This is not true. We are also a product of our ancestors. Their unresolved issues are passed on to the next generations. This false assumption prevents the cure of many onerous conditions.

My teacher had a perplexing case. A little girl with horrible nightmares, nightly she would wake screaming with an asthma attack. She would see a group of monsters overrunning her, they had one horn, bug eyes and short elephant noses. This poor girl was so traumatized that she tried to avoid sleep at all costs.

Her parents were brought in and questioned about her ancestors. It was discovered that the girl's grandfather was killed at the battle of Verdun, he was gassed by the Germans. The girl was told this and the nightmares and asthma vanished. 3 descendants of this man were cured of their asthma.

Autism, Asperger's, Tourlett's, Bipolar, and many other mental and physical disorders are passed on to the descendants, even as far as the fourth generation.

My friend was giving a lecture at a university on Tourlett's syndrome. The world's authority was in the audience. 20 minutes into the lecture this authority got up shaking his head and walked out. A young man with Tourlett's came in and sat in the seat that the expert had left. This young man was driving my friend crazy, so he began to ask questions, his birth order, his ancestors, etc. It turns out a great, great,uncle had been hung. Working though the possible emotions that the ancestor may have experienced, the young man was cured right there in the lecture hall.

It is good that you notice the generational pattern. A practitioner of pschogenealogy, biogenealogy or Total Biology may be able to help in cases of CF.

Pavlov did an experiment with earthworms, he pricked them and cut them everytime he opened the box they were in. Soon the worms learned to hide from light and burrow into the soil. The eggs of these worms upon hatching also avoided light and would burrow into the soil. Even Earthworms inherit information from the ancestors.

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