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Re: Chest & Back pains by Andrew ..... Cardiovascular Health Forum

Date:   4/23/2003 10:40:53 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Jonathan, this was written in response to another poster but may help you too...

ok, here's an abbreviated version of my story. I am 22 years old, similar weight etc to you, and have had a lot of the same problems you presented with, but mostly alarming chest spasms that were uncontrollable. I was sure they were my heart. I went to the doctor, had EKG etc, all clear, and was told my heart was ok, a relief. The doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux, gave me a script, and I walked out relieved. When the acid suppressants didn't help, I got freaked out. I turned to alternative medicine, did all the cleanses and lost a lot of weight, my health got better - but alas no relief from the dreaded chest spasms. Over the last month I again became sure my heart was the problem. Still, I stuck to my health program.

Then one day something amazing happened. I had been going to a masseuse for stress because of work and school, and one week ago today I had an appointment with her, my 10th or so appointment. she was massaging my back and did a deep tissue massage and hit a spot on the upper-left of my back, and I flew off the table. She had set off my chest spasms!!! She checked to see if I was ok, I reached for my pulse to check my heart, (as I have become accostomed to) and It was still beating. She prodded the spot again, on my request, and the chest spasm returned!. It was interlinked with my back! I couldn't believe it...

On the recommendation of my masseuse I made an appointment with a chiropractor and went in for an adjustment. I walked out feeling a million bucks and haven't had any of those f#$ing scary chest spasms since! I have my second appointment tomorrow and I can't wait to see if my alignment is ok still and if the problem is cured.
On a side-note, cleansers here will be interested to note that in the first 5 days after my realignment, I had about 4 BM's a day! Must have released nerve pressure on my bowels too...

The one question I do have is - why did your doctor prescribe you a beta-blocker if he said your heart is ok? Go see another doctor! Writing a script to every ailment is the mark of a poor doctor - either he is looking to placate you with pharmaceutical placebos rather than fix the problem, or he really thinks your heart may be in danger. Find out which.

Anyway... I recommend the following:
1. Rule out heart disease at the cardiologist level. Take no chances with this. If you are 22 and have heart problems, they are most likely congenital and not diet or lifestyle related (unless you do coke), so most of the advice you will find here won't heal you.
2. If heart disease is ruled out, go and see a chiropractor or osteopath. Get an adjustment.
3. Come on these boards, and do a Bowel Cleanse and liver flush.
4. Eat well and get gentle exercise.

That should do it. Keep us informed.Remember that each person is different and it could be something very "minor" causing you all this stress and grief - I mean look at my example - a 15 minute chiropractic visit fixed a year long nightmare, and it was a horrible, horrible nightmare. I felt like my life was over at 22. It may be a few months before you have your "healing epiphany" where you realise what is wrong and what you need to do to fix it, but if you are lucky it will come soon.

Best of luck my friend. I am going to post this on the general forum as well because it is also, in many ways, my "success story", and I owe a lot of it to curezone because the people on this board (I don't post much but I read!) have provided great examples of the healing power that exists in nature and in the human body - and while my problem was not fixed my the "methods" used here, I never would have taken the steps that led to the fixing of this problem, without this board. Plus my cleanses have left me looking better than ever before, even though as late as 2 weeks ago (before my alignment) I felt crappy.

Thank you,

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