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Re: Newbie question... by kathryn101 ..... Juicing Forum

Date:   12/4/2005 6:37:14 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi newbie...Well, would you like a piece of the moon, too? :-) Joking!!! But that's why we're always saying around here that most people are looking for a quick
fix. It's not quite as simple as that. I wish it were!!!

I'm not even familiar with the books you mentioned. I tend to lean towards the older juicing books. I really trust authors such as N.W. Walker...Bernard Jensen, etc. So many people today just see a money maker and jump on the band wagon. I
wonder what kind of background the authors of the above books make such
bold statements in the 'names' of their books.

It's like those little weekly magazines at the grocery (if you live in the US)
is called "First"..I think, and the other is called "Woman's World"...I believe. Each week on the front of BOTH the 'diet of the century'...with a huge picture of a person that has had great success with this particular diet. They
ALL have 'the new found secret' for weight loss or removing wrinkles...anything that
will pull the average woman right in under their wings.

That's the same way I feel about new juicing books coming on the scene. These books
may be great...I can't really say without looking at them. But N.W. Walker and
Bernard Jensen and the other great oldies...said it all in their books. And that
same information is just as priceless today. You can find their books on ebay for
just pennies...and they're well worth whatever you pay for them.

So you have some juicing books on the way...and you want to start juicing now, instead of waiting on the books to arrive. That's GREAT!!! Juicing really is the
fastest way to restore your health. I'd be curious to see inside the book that
says that to see what they have to say. If they lean toward exotic fruits and
veggies...I'd just throw them out when they arrive. Because what you need to restore your health are just the basics.

Now I'm curious about these books and may look them over on Amazon. :-)

There is no one juice that will cleanse and detox the whole body. We start with
a basic juice at our house. Carrot is mildly cleansing...spinach is fairly cleansing...and if you add beet to is really cleansing. For one glass, you
could use 4 or 5 carrots...a fairly big handful or two of spinach (if you want a
really good cleansing)...and about 1/4 or less of a small beet...or you could use
a very few beet leaves. That should give you a really good cleansing and you can
do it daily. You can also do the carrot and spinach and just add a bigger handful
or two of spinach. Apple will add to the cleansing effect.

To cleanse the can add a little parsley...just a few spriggs...and 1/2
to 1 cucumber. Cucumber is about the best diuretic you can find anywhere. Organic
cranberry juice is also'd need to get that at the health food store.

All of your juices should be made fresh when you're going to drink them for the
best benefit.

If you do the juicing will literally see the difference in your skin and
feel the difference in your body within a few days to a week or so. Leave off all Sugar and processed foods for the best and absolute fastest improvement. No meat,
dairy, just mostly raw veggies...a little fruit...and your juices. And don't forget
to add exercise and deep breathing. Hope some of this helps.

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