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Re: Why Liver Flush w/Directions by smarty ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   3/14/2009 5:56:02 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Hay Bento!

Just want to vouch for this flush. I'm doing one myself tonight! I'm flushing for dark marks/ bagging under eyes, and recently some hair loss plus better energy levels and skin quality. This is about my third or forth recently but I've done them before a few years ago. Got out of the habbit.

I would encorage you to got for it (Liver Flushing) but do the apple juice for a week before (or malic acid caps) because this helps disolve the stones before the flush. Be prepared to the flush and NOT get any visible results the first few times. This happened to me recently but on my third flush I had very good results! For some people (but not all) this can happen so its important not to give up straight away as you will never realise how close you came to benefiting you health in the most massive way!!!

Liver Flush results too, can be very dramatic straight away or very gradule! In the latter case be prepared to do as many flushes as possible to get at least a few thousand stones out or go as far as poss until you get no more stones (normally indicated by three stoneless flushes).

LF'ing also means more work for your kidneys so every 2/3 flushes do a kidney cleanse. You can get kidney cleanse tea from . Do a search for other kdney cleansing foods.

While cleansing its very important to stay hydrated!! Drink plenty of water leading up to the first salt water flush.

Hope this lot helps.


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