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Re: Regenerating Tissue Re: I think I see the problem now - Yikes! by Dquixote1217 ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   3/25/2009 9:04:26 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I appreciate all the good advice and great intentions, but sometimes there are situations involving injuries and traumas that cannot be completely addressed by alternative healing - though surely I will embrace things that might help.

Of course I do not WANT to undergo surgery, but repairing broken and damaged parts is what mainstream medicine does best, along with diagnostics (it is when they take out the prescription pads or do just about any mainstream treatment for cancer that things go terrible wrong in most instances).

Maybe you should read up on "indirect inquinal hernia" (in my case it may be a form of indirect inguinal hernia called "sciatic hernia")?  I have, and as far as I can find, it is not fixable by any herbs, tinctures, supplements, exercise, chiro, or anything else other than surgery.  Indirect inquinal hernia is a condition where part of the intestine descends past the abdomen, usually through the opening where the male testes descended back in the early formative stage of life.  The problem initially is not healing the weakened and/or torn opening (that comes later), it is getting the intestine back into place and I have never heard or found where you can do that without surgery.

What my hopes had been were to limit the extent of the hernia, exercise caution and strengthen myself in such a way that it might not get much worse for a good long time.  None of that has happened.  It is getting worse, perhaps due to some incaution on my part, and I feel pretty sure that at least a good part of my sciatica is due to the pressure it is causing.

Perhaps it is possible to somehow relieve the pressure somewhat - but I am rather limited in what I can do.  Most excercises risk aggravating it further and, though it might be advantageous to lose some of my extra pounds (I am about 205 and 6'!' - far from obese but not nearly as flat of an abdomen as I should have), have a better diet and flush things out, in the end there will almost surely have to be a medical procedure.

BTW, I have a feeling you are not terribly familiar with me yet.

Trust me, I am one of the last people here who would wish to put themselves in the hands of mainstream medicine!

Welcome to CureZone - I can see that you are going to be quite the enthusiastic and valued helper for our friend Unyquity.

Tony Isaacs (aka DQ, aka Dquixote121)



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