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Re: And I have one for you!...Re: Herbal Apothecary Current *Healing Product List* by NaturalRN ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   3/25/2009 10:22:40 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Here I am...Unyquity asked that I tell my husband's story regarding his 'miraculous' shoulder healing with Bone, Flesh, & Cartilage Tea. Here's the story in his own words...

With the 2008 bow season closing in, I was busy rebuilding tree stands and trimming shooting lanes as I normally would. I noticed in early August that I had reaggravated my left rotator cuff (a problem I've had for years). I haven't ever sought medical attention as to surgical repair of my shoulder and have been able on my own accord to rehabilitate it in the past. I tried to do what had worked in the past with light elastic band therapy and still had pain. So, I divorced the rehab...I divorced any surgery...because, I was going to hunt anyway!!! My family depends very heavily on the meat that I harvest naturally. So, I reduced the poundage on my newest bow to approximately 50 pounds (normally I would shoot at 70 pounds). I was still unable to pull the bow back, anchor, and hold. I then recruited my old bow, reduced it to its lowest weight, and could not pull the bow back to anchor. Frustrated, I tried a right-handed (I shoot left handed) set at 50 pounds. I could pull it back but I could not hold it without excruciating pain in my left shoulder (the brace arm). My wife (seeing my frustration) suggested that I try the B, F, & C Tea. I agreed to try it and did not expect anything to happen for several weeks as she explained that it would take a while for my cartilage to rebuild. I drank the God-aweful tasting mixture down while my wife got ready for bed. As I sat on the couch watching ESPN my shoulder started to feel better. So I decided that I would try to pull back the right-handed bow. Much to my amazement I could pull it back easily and hold it as long as I wanted. So I tried the left-handed older model bow...I could pull it back! I then grabbed my newest bow and the allen wrench and crancked it up to 70 pounds. I pulled it back with ease and was holding it at anchor when my wife walked out of the bedroom. She shouted, "What are you doing??? You are going to hurt your shoulder!!!" I said no I'm not; it feels fine. At that time she decided to call her cousin (Unyquity) and tell her of the miracle that just happened. After that I continued to drink the tea 3 times per day until a week before the start of the season. I was able to hunt the rest of the 2008 white-tail season with great success. I am very thankful that the Maker of this Universe has made it possible for us to have the capability of healing ourselves. Praise God, the provider of ALL things good!

Steve -- Registered Pharmacist

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