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How to heal ANYTHING! Re: Regenerating Tissue Re: I think I see the problem now - Yikes! by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   3/26/2009 11:01:43 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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>>>I appreciate all the good advice and great intentions, but sometimes there are situations involving injuries and traumas that cannot be completely addressed by alternative healing - though surely I will embrace things that might help.<<<

Aaaah, your words take me down memory road, for sure! I once thought the same thing, although I expressed a bit more abruptly than you (you know me n' my 'mouth', lol).
>>>inject, I know/hope you realize this post is certainly NOT meant "At YOU!" personally, it's simply a fantastic opportunity for me to share and enlighten other to the truths I have learned. By the way, I've compiled & posted the 'natural healing protocol' I know for dealing with hernias, AND those of Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher, who have successfully healed hernias in the past (and it's after all of this) if you want to skip down to the *recommendations*, feel free<<<

While I don't deny it IS "possible" that their are some injuries that require trauma intervention at the allopathic level, the fact remains that if we allow the past conditioning of our minds & beliefs to assume that is true, we'll never even TRY the healthier safer natural methods.
Who told/conditioned us to believe that things like "indirect inguinal hernias" are impossible to repair without surgery? That'd be the same people that told/conditioned us to believe that cancers, aids, muscular dystrophy/sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, ALS, epilepsy, heart/vascular/valvular deformities, physical deformities at birth, the results of polio, blindness, deafness, extreme scoliosis, skin regrowth without grafting (severe burns), alzheimers, and advanced degenerative disease & damage of all kinds. But the fact remains, that between Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher...they helped people cure themselves of ALL of the above (plus many others I haven't listed).

Dr. Schulze was born with valve deformities (both his parents died in their 50's of similar heart issues), but his was worse. Due to the valve/vascular formation, it was impossible for his heart to sustain adult weight, and the only answer was open-heart surgery (sure seems logical enough to me). By his late teens, he was having episodes, intense heart pain, shoot pains & numbness down his arm and was regularly passing out from lack of oxygen. He decided to have the surgery, and had made friends with a young man with similar issues, so he went to the hospital the day his buddy was schedule for surgery. He died on the table. And Dr. Schulze decided to try to heal himself. At this point, he knew virtually nothing, but within a few years, he had COMPLETELY reversed his birth defects & condition, and upon testing, NO heart/valve deformities could be found.

Also these two healings //
A few years later Richard was working in a lab at a Naturopathic College when he accidentally spilled boiling oil over his hand. A medical specialist told him the flesh was burned to the bone–a 4th degree burn. He was told skin grafts would be necessary as the skin was completely destroyed. When he learned the skin for the grafts would be taken from his "butt," he declined any operations. His inner voice told him to try Nature's way. In 30 days he returned to show the doctor his hand. It was covered with fresh skin. Again the doctor said it was a miracle and again Richard said he had worked very hard for the miracle.

Schulze's next miracle occurred after a skiing accident. He heard a loud popping sound before becoming unconscious. When he awoke, one leg was limp with no knee strength. Again he visited a specialist. X-rays indicated ligaments and cartilage were destroyed. Again he was told the solution was surgery so ligaments could be transplanted from a donor. He left the doctor's office determined to create another 30-day miracle. After 30 days, however, he still wasn't able to walk. But in 60 days he was walking with a limp. In 90 days his knee was restored and he was able to walk normally. Again he returned to the doctor. "It's a miracle," the doctor exclaimed. "Yes," agreed Richard, but I did a lot of work to create this miracle."

Dr. Schulze healed heart/valve deformity, he regrew skin when it had been burned to the bone (his bone was actually charred), and a myriad of ligaments in his knee were totally/completely ripped/shredded, and the cartilage was crushed. He now has THREE black belts in the martial arts, full use of his hand, and walks without any limp or evidence of damage.

Dr. Schulze (and his teacher Dr. Christopher, and their mentors/teachers before them) KNEW his/our bodies are hard-wired with the schematics to know EXACTLY how to heal themselves, and they have the ability to follow those schematics and get the job done right. The problem? US!!!

"SCIENCE" (allopathic or 'alternative') admits that even with all the best minds & hugest computers they canNOT decipher the intricacies of every function of the liver & kidneys...and they can't TOUCH the brain. And with typical human ego (and profit driven motives), we humans continue to think 'we're smarter' and try to manipulate the body and correct what WE think is wrong. But 'symptom D' is many times the result of "event A,B,&C" that we never saw or felt.

What NATURAL healing is about (and the 'science') it is based upon, is giving the body ample amount of everything it naturally requires, cleansing & restoring each organ to it's optimal functioning level, correcting 'lack of flow' of our body's healing blood...and STOPPING WITH THE MANIPULATION (that always, throws off the NATURAL homeostasis of our body that our bodies must achieve). The ONLY thing that goes into the mouth are foods, juices & herbs in their most natural form (optimally, the herbs would be in their natural form, but due to horrendously clogged, damaged, impacted, non-assimilating intestines, we tincture them...both for rapid/complete assimilation, and to ensure we're able to get 'enough'.

Every vitamin, mineral, 'alternative product/supplement', and unnatural/dead food we eat, stresses the body in some way or another and prevents the desperately needed state of 'perfect balance' from occurring. Before the body can POSSIBLY start repairing itself, it must BALANCE itself...and if we're chugging down supplements like a fraternity kid at a kegger, it's impossible for "balance" to EVER occur.

A few examples:
--cooked meat - takes 4-6 hours in the intestines and extreme effort from the digestive system to be broken down into the small amount of nutrition it provides, and the body has to create the enzymes to digest it, since there's no enzymes in it (the body takes from it's mineral/energy storehouse to do this). We want that energy for HEALING, and the nutrition from juices could have been assimilated in 15-30 minutes

--Vitamin C - releases iron from the tissues, and lowers copper levels.

--Dairy - creates mucous that prevents the assimilation of nutrition. Pasteurized dairy puts our body to work making enzymes for processing again, and in the case of dairy, depletes our bodies of much needed calcium

-- Colloidal Silver & Probiotics both radically and unnaturally destroy the natural levels of bacteria & yeast (and other microorganisms)throughout our entire body (we are symbiotically dependent upon the smallest of critters in our body for life - and we egoic humans do NOT know enough to manipulate/destroy/replenish this complex balance without throwing our body out of matter what positive results show up for 'symptom D' removal)

--Rock-based mineral supplements are never fully assimilated - Calcium supplements are only assimilated in the less than 10% ratio. But they DO get into the bloodstream and cause an immediate reaction from our immune system: (from a 'lost site/source I found years ago and didn't bookmark :( --

>>>>The pathological character of inorganic minerals such as those found in highly mineralized water is easily demonstrable. Take your white corpuscle (blood cell) count about six hours after you've last had any food or water. It should be about 6,000 per milliliter.

Then, drink a normal glass of hard, mineral water. The white blood cell count will shoot up until it often more than doubles!

Inorganic chemistry doesn't lie.

This phenomena is called Leucocytosis and is our body's defense mechanism responding (via an increased white cell count) to an invading organism, germ, infection or foreign material. When pure water, fruits, vegetables and other naturally-grown materials are eaten, the white blood cell count stays level.<<<

Enough examples already - no matter WHAT we put in our body, if it's unnatural, it causes an adverse reaction that our body MUST use energy to reverse and then rebalance itself. It can't be busy healing itself if it's busy with the basic task of keeping the whole system in balance. It doesn't matter WHAT kind of temporary/positive reaction we might see from these isolated/unnatural substances, it'll most often be temporary, and it will ALWAYS stress our body in some way or another.

How hard do we have to work at doing this? The simpler the problem, the easier it is...and many times our bodies can restore decades worth of past damage in as little as a few dedicated months. The problem? We don't believe in the whole concept enough to change our unnatural/unhealthy lifestyle and diet into a natural one. And quite honestly, the majority of adults are just as susceptible to societal peer pressure as they were in grade school. If we both BELIEVED it (could possibly be THIS simple), and realized that the societal 'peer pressure' we feel is coming from m*o*o*ns that don't have the slightest would be MUCH easier to prioritize our time & money to heal ourselves.

But we've been conditioned (intentionally and almost completely) to believe that we don't know enough to take responsibility for our own health; that it should be easier (healing should come out of a bottle, and shouldn't require any effort on our part...where in the WORLD did that nonsensical hogwash ever come from?), and that if we have anything seriously wrong with us, we MUST go to a "licensed physician".

Bottom line: put your body back into a state of NATURAL balance, cleanse & restore the organs, plow it with all the purest, most natural high grade 'fuel' it can get, STOP plowing it with things that alter the natural balance (and POISONS), do the natural therapies & protocols that increase circulation (of what is now virtually perfect healing blood), and take the natural herbs that are necessary to give your body the specific food they need to assist in the healing and restoration...and you & your body can heal ANYTHING! (the only time that's not true? Is when 'somebody's time has come' - that's not in our control - per Dr. Christopher).

Now then, back to Tony and the hernia:

Here's a protocol for healing hernias ('sorry for the delay in response time, but I wanted to sure I 'got it right'):

A 20 day 'healing protocol', broken into 10 days sections, repeat each 20 days as necessary. All healing days? No supplements, no toxic chemicals/substances, no coffee/black tea, and of course, no alcohol or any other 'drug' (that's a "well duh, of course", but I want to make sure it's in print for everybody reading. To expedite healing, make every 7th day a 'day of rest' (per Dr. Christopher) and go strictly to water fasting.

First 10 days-

--Juice Fast - consuming a MINIMUM of a gallon of juice and/or herbal tea daily - heavy on carrot juice for calcium. Supplement with 'potassium broth' - a total intake of 1 1/2 gallons would be optimum

--Superfood - 4-6 tablespoons daily

--1 or 2 cups of Slippery Elm porridge daily (actually very yummy with natural sweetener & cinnamon/nutmeg) Slippery elm HEALS (it will actually regrown skin on a decubitus ulcer) - so this is for repairing the tears & rips & weakness throughout

--Unclog your liver (you know all the different ways - a daily coffee enema and/or a small Liver Flush weekly ( Epsom Salts ? it might be harmful with a hernia, but a salt water flush would be great for after the liver flush).

--IF#1 & IF#2. It is ESSENTIAL to cleanse out the (likely) 5+ pounds of mucoid plaque & rotting fecal matter so that the intestines can be UNstretched & unimpacted. This will likely take at *least* a month of steady use, and should be continued until healed. *Gentle* colonics (if you can afford them); high enemas at least 2x weekly.

--3-6 cloves of raw garlic daily & 3 teaspoons of cayenne POWDER daily (one has to 'work up to' a full teaspoon of cayenne at a time, start with 1/8 - 1/4 a teaspoon, and double it every 3-4 days). This is for parasites (the cayenne tincture never makes it to the intestines). You'll (likely) never heal your intestines with parasites digging into the mucoid plaque and altering everything 'natural' in your intestines.

--BF&C Oil or formentaion (BF&C stands for Bone, Flesh & Cartilage) externally...apply fomentation, or massage oil into an area where pain/hernia is present, and when possible/overnite, cover with a natural fiber cloth, then plastic, and apply heat, for great absorption). Dr. Schulze recommends using the Deep Tissue Repair Oil before the BF&C because the 'heat' of the oil opens up the pores and allows more of anything else to be absorbed. There's definitely logic to that, but there's also logic that says if the pores are already full of Deep Tissue Oil, how in the world is the BF&C going to 'get in'? If it were me I'd do it both ways and see what I discerned, before sticking with just one way or another.

--Large Castor Oil pack nightly (alternate with nightly BF&C fomentation if using the fomentation). Keep BF&C oil or castor oil on the area 24 hours. (There are internet reports of people curing hernia using nothing but castor oil packs!)

--BF&C Tea and/or Tincture (the tea will actually 'touch' & heal the intestinal walls from the inside; the herbs from the tincture go into the bloodstream, hence effecting healing from the veins that run through the intestines). Herbal teas must be made with distilled water. 4 droppersful of tincture 4x daily; 1 cup of tea 4x daily (put tincture in tea, or not)

--No heavy physical/muscle stressing activity.

--Hot/Cold contrast applications (showers or hot/cold packs) to afflicted area 5x daily (7 reps of 1-2 minutes of each hot/cold, start with hot, end with hot)


The second '10 days' are below this inset, I just wanted to check before going any further with my 'teachers' I just surfed through my 'Complete Works of Dr. Christopher' CD, and found this (from Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 6, Men's Diseases, Part 1):

For hernias we recommend keeping the bowels clear and open through the use of the lower bowel formula, plenty of fresh juices, a light, mucusless diet to eliminate the strain of bowel movements, and the application of the Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage Formula to the hernia area as a fomentation. All stress and strain on the area must be removed while the area is healing. The fomentation should be applied in the evening so that it can remain on the area all night. During the daytime, the BF&C ointment can be used if the fomentation is inconvenient. BF&C capsules or tea may also be taken daily: either two or three capsules three times daily or three cups of the tea. Continue treatment six days a week fasting with distilled water on the seventh until the hernia is healed.

And here's what I found on Dr. Schulzes recommendations (from here, the links below don't work):

Dr. Richard Schulze 's 10-Point Hernia Program

Compiled By Tom Harrelson
(Revised 5/18/08)

NOTE: Please CLICK-ON any links in the following webpages for MORE information.

1. NOURISH the Body and particularly the affected area to PROMOTE healing by taking Dr. Schulze's SUPERFOOD PLUS. Please CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE for MORE Information.
2. NOURISH the Body and particularly the affected area to PROMOTE healing by Juice Fasting. Please CLICK HERE for MORE Information.
3. STIMULATE digestion by taking Dr. Schulze's Digestive Formula. Please CLICK HERE for information about his Digestive Formula.
4. DETOXIFY the Colon by doing Dr. Schulze's Colon Cleansing Program. Please CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE for MORE Information.
5. DETOXIFY the Liver and Gallbladder by doing Dr. Schulze's 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder Flush Program. Please CLICK HERE for MORE Information.
6. STIMULATE Circulation to help HEAL the affected area by applying Dr. Schulze's Deep Tissue Repair Oil. Please CLICK HERE and HERE for MORE information.
7. STIMULATE Circulation to help HEAL the affected area by doing HOT & COLD Water Therapy by alternately doing HOT (103 degrees - first) & COLD (very cold - next). Please CLICK HERE for MORE Information.
8. PROMOTE healing of the affected area by applying a Slippery Elm Poultice. Please CLICK HERE for MORE information. Please see "If someone has Holes in Body Tissue INTERNALLY" and "If someone has Holes in Body Tissue EXTERNALLY" at bottom of this webpage.
9. RELIEVE pain in the affected area by taking Dr. Schulze's Nerve Formula. Please CLICK HERE and HERE for MORE information. Please see Nerve Sedative and Anti-Spasmodic Tonic at the top of the first webpage.
10. If your hernia is NOT healing within 6-8 weeks, then please consider doing Dr. Schulze's COMPLETE "INCURABLES" Program. Please CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE for MORE Information.

Editor's Note: I'd highly recommend also drinking 4-6 glasses of Charcoal Slurry (1 tsp./glass) per day. Also applying thumb pressure to the MAJOR PAIN POINTS #1 & #2 for pain relief.

Here's the info from #8 (has holes internally/externally):

C. If someone has Holes in Body Tissue INTERNALLY, then he/she should:
1. Eat Slippery Elm Gruel as a REPLACEMENT for a Meal.
2. Continue until the desired RESULTS are achieved.


Second 10 days

--Add fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains (all well-chewed to liquid before swallowing) along with the juice.

--Continue consuming at least 1 gallon of fluid daily.

--Lessen or discontinue IF#2 (if desired), but continue using IF#1 to ensure 3+ bowel movements daily. Continue high enemas 2x weekly

--There's a good possibility at this point that you've started to sense the healing & restoration - keep up the good work.

--1/2 - 1 cup Slippery Elm porridge

--3-5 hot/cold contrast treatments daily

And that concludes 'the recommendations'. (Just fyi, a 20 day juice-fast & Colon Cleanse will likely remove 5-10+ pounds from your body - nice "side effect" eh?)

Oh yes, and find some way to sit so that that your poor hernia isn't all squished up all the least do some standing & gentle stretching every 15 minutes or so if you're stuck at the monitor like I am.

Take out of the recommendations what you want (can/will) - if you're willing to 'do it all', there's a very good chance you'll never have to see the surgeon. At the very least, get a castor oil pack on there nightly - castor oil is an unimaginably fantastic healer!

Blankets of healing blessings,



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