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I'm ready to start a protocol, but which? by confused2009 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   3/31/2009 9:17:50 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I'm 28 years old, male. I used to usually eat well, but not enough good food. A lot of pasta and grains made up my diet(Italian family). Away from home, I would eat asian (Chinese, Sushi) occasionally. Never soda, or candy, or anything considered "junk". About 5 years ago I had a knee operation, ACL, and have screws and sutures in my knee. Could this be the root?

About 2-3 months ago I started have problems with my gallbladder. It started off with nausea in the morning(kind of like a hungry feeling, sometimes), then the pain a week or so afterwards(I can't recall exactly), which was a burning sensation on my right side and pain in the back, which I didn't know was attributed to my gallbladder. I even recall having pain in my right nipple before the major burning pain stage, and possibly pain in my spleen area. I finally went to the Dr. and had an ultrasound done. It reported that my gallbladder had polyps, and that my liver may have some fat in it. I tried a liver flush, but didn't do any Colon Cleanse or anything else first (probably a bad idea). I believe I developed a ringworm rash afterwards, it has faded away after using anti fungal spay but it's a little brownish now.

I immediately changed my diet: I cut out grains(pasta, bread, etc), diary(milk, cheese, but not yogurt(chobani), and beef/meat. I rarely drink alcohol(now I don't drink any of course), and I don't smoke or do drugs. I'm eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and my BM have been the same, but my stool is much looser these days and also thinner/oval shaped. The Dr. sent me to see a GI, who had me do a HIDA scan. It reported that my Ejection Fraction was 11% (Normal is 35%). No explanation was given as to what has caused what they call "biliary dyskensia". He said I should speak to a surgeon. I saw another GI, he said wait on seeing a surgeon, and to have another ultrasound to check on the polyps. He also said I have "biliary colic". I think I need to go to a major city to get another opinion(Boston?).

I wasn't convinced that was my only problem, so I has an endoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy done. I remember having mucus in my stool in the past, but thought nothing of it. I was now having smaller stools, with blood and mucus. The biopsy showed I have proctitis, or colitis of the rectum. It may be chronic. I was given suppositories, but I'm hesitant to taking any type of medication right now. This occurred about two weeks ago. Should I take the medicine, even though my stool doesn't seem very mucus like anymore?

I've continued my diet listed above, recently I'm getting random pains in my abdomen and sometimes pelvis area. The pain associated with my gallbladder has almost died down, only the back pain comes and goes(numbing feeling). There was a week or two where I was waking up in the middle of the night, borderline insomnia(maybe stress). Are these symptoms of something worse, or is something dying? I've felt more energetic as of late, but I still get the shots of pain and sometimes headaches. I have also lost 20 lbs. I'm really worried. Tomorrow is a followup with the GI Dr(he now wants me to have a colonscopy done, should I?).

I feel as though my problems started over 5 mths ago when I went out with a friend; for a week or so afterwards I had massive headaches and bloodshot eyes, usually when I wake up(they're now back, but not so much anymore headaches). He told me he had a rash all over his body for a week. He's been sick on and off, not sure if it's related. I haven't had a cold or anything since, kind of strange.

I have taken many blood tests since this all started, 2 metabolic tests that show: CO2 level is high 30 1st test, 32 the 2nd; my Triglycerides are high 253 to 222; my ALT/SGPT went up from 62 - 69; and on my CBC the only high level is my Lymphs % 46.4. I've done almost every blood test imaginable, nothing came back out of range or positive. Stool and urine didn't show anything, although my urine ph is 6.0. I had a blood test to see if I had UC or Crohns, came back negative. What tests have I missed? Strange thing is my calcium went up, but I haven't touched milk and practically no dairy, spinach?

Some side notes/symptoms: I have a white tongue, peeling lips: I'm waiting on the tongue analysis, but I'm thinking I may have Candida overgrowth. This past week I have felt tired and sluggish again, nausea in the morning is back, and nausea after physical activity. The nausea seems like it doesn't go away until I eat something. I woke up with chest pain, heart?, this morning. Sometimes I have a dry tongue, or throat. I've also noticed a pain in my spleen area, and groin area as mentioned above. Having another ultrasound today that will cover my pelvic area.

Around the same time I realized I was having gallbladder issues, I found curezone. I have asked numerous questions and did some research. Dr. Sutter and many others have been very helpful(VX). All answers point to doing a colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver/gallbladder cleanse, etc. The products most talk about are Humaworm and Barefoot. I'm wondering which should I use? What is the best diet I should stick with/foods to avoid? What about supplements, which is the best? Any other advice? Which Liver Flush should I do, I tried Dr. Clark's and I'm not too keen on the Epson Salts.

Many thanks in advance and much love to all.


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