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Re: I need help with my sick brother! H2O2 ? by Will_I_Ever_Learn ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   4/1/2009 11:29:07 PM ( 12 years ago ago)
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As an emergency remedy I would consider over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

I can also can be further diluted to start slowly.

1 part H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) 3% to 2 parts of Distilled water (makes 1% solution),

then later 1 part H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) to 1 part of distilled water (makes 1.5% solution),

then next pure 3% solution.

Here are a few ways that the H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) can be used, but avoid contact with eyes.
-In a bath.
-A spray over the body, avoid eyes.
-A fine mist in the mouth.
-As a mouth wash.
-Inhalation Method see Bill Monro's video link below.

I guess the easiest way to start with would be just a spray over the body, several times over the day.

Anybody have comments on what I suggested?

Here are many links. You don't have to read them all, but read enough so that you are convinced that H2O2 can be of help.

Good Luck




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