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FANTASTIC JOB! & answers :) Re: Cleanse and Fast well under way & questions by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/6/2009 12:27:18 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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'Sounds to me like you're doing TERRIFIC!  Good for you (both!)

I'll do "inserts" to make sure I don't miss anything :)

Well we started our kidney cleanse and juice fast friday morning along with the other specific tinctures. The only one we haven't started is the Blood Detox tincture. Do we start that one as well now? I'm assuming: yes. I just don't remember reading anywhere about it.  The Blood DeTox tincture is part of the 5 day Liver Cleanse - you should have enough to take it for the full 5 days, twice.  You'll be doing Schulze 5 day Liver cleanse protocol here: (without the food, since you're juice fasting) then doing a 'big flush' on Day 6 (or 7) - then back to the Kidney again (you can give yourself a day or two of 'rest' after the big liver flush if you want to).  The instructions at the previous link don't show the Blood DeTox tincture as part of the 5 Day Liver Flush (but it is!), and you take it in the same amounts as the Liver Tincture (2-4 droppersful, 4x daily).  If you want to see his 'current' protocol/package, his 5 Day Liver program is at the bottom of the page here:

Stay tuned for an upcoming post entitled something like "Dr. Schulze Then & Now"

Dr. Christopher used to suggest everyone do everything he recommended for 6 days, and then give the body a rest on the 7th (with water fasting).  Listen to your 'doctor within'...but I think a weekly break off the herbal tinctures makes a lot of sense (I don't think I'd stop the IF#1/IF#2 though).  

I'm amazed at how well were holding up. I remember becoming so weak and really not feeling well during other fasts. With endocrine issues such as adrenals and thyroid no wonder they didn't work.
I'm totally convinced that 2 major components must be in place - nutrients getting in hence: juicing and toxins getting out: IF# 1 & 2.! I agree 100% percent.  We've got to ensure elimination when fasting of any type AND our bodies are just far more toxic than in 'the old days' (when water fasting was so beneficial).  The bentonite/charcoal in the IF#2 is a HUGE relief to our bodies. They can throw of the toxins, yet our liver & kidneys aren't overburden, because the IF#2 is there to adsorb them.  That Dr. Schulze was a smart cookie.
I seem to be ok with taking 3 IF#1's and the 5 servings of IF#2 as far as the cortisone is concerned and I am very slowly weaning.  That's GREAT!  (fantastic even!)  Did you sense that the IF#2 caused a 'cut' in the level of cortisone? Most folks do.  If you didn't, that means this may end up being MUCH easier than you'd thought (because your body may be much stronger than you'd suspected).  

The tinctures seems to be working well too -our bodies really do love all the natural goodies! I am going through them pretty quick and will need to start making tinctures soon. I know Dr. Shultz says to use FRESH herbs but if we don't have these available YET should we order the different herbs from Mountain Rose to make the tinctures?  Perhaps when Dr. Schulze was practicing, he had 10-20 hours a week to do some wild-crafting of his own (???), and there's no doubt that in most cases, 'fresh IS better'.  But if you'll go to his website and look at all the products, you'll see very little mention of anything fresh...some garlic/habanero juice here and there, but that's about it.  There's also a logical reason with sticking with "all dried" or "all fresh", and that's this:  when cooking we know that (for example) we use a teaspoon of dried basil OR two tablespoons of fresh.  So if tincture ingredients call for "equal parts of each herb"...and some are dried and some are fresh?  We end up with a tincture that's not the same ratio as it would be if using all dried or all fresh.  So even though I do wildcraft a few of my herbs, I always let them dry somewhat before tincturing if I'm mixing them with dried.  Also, you can get quite a few fresh herbs 'in season' from Pacific Botanicals here:
Pacific Botanicals :: Product Map (A-Z)

How else should we be using the cayenne powder aside from using a 'pinch' in the kidney flush? We received 2 bags in our order.You should be working up to taking 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder, 3x daily.  Start at 1/8 teaspoon, and work up 1/8 teaspoon every 3-4 days (or as fast as you can).   OR you can substitute by taking 2 droppersful of cayenne tincture (but the cayenne tincture doesn't do anything for parasites or peristalsis).  Note: when you get up to 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne (more or less), you may see that you need less IF#1. 
AND is the kidney flush just for 5 days or 1 week before starting Liver cleanse?
If 5 days do we take a few days off then start the Liver cleanse at the begining of the next week? Exactly, each kidney cleanse is for 5 days.  Each liver cleanse is for 5 days, but we're adding in the 'big' liver flush (per the SYL manual) at the end of each 5 day liver flush.

The only thing I have been experiencing is some pms symptoms as I am about 1 week before cycle. I am taking the Female formula and Nervine - is there anything else I should be doing? Praying? LOL  I was SO glad to be rid of my horrible PMS (as was poor Rocky53!!).  Don't forget, the Cayenne tincture is a great anxiety/stress reliever, so perhaps a squirt or two of that would assist.  It may take a week or two (or even more) to be able to "feel" the benefit of the Female Formula.  How you liking/responding to the Nervine?  It's a Godsend for a LOT of people. 

Your body is LOVIN' you - you just keep lovin' it right back and you'll be feeling wonderful faster than you ever thought you could!



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