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Rightbackatcha & More Answers! NATURAL HEALING ROCKS! Re: A note of GRATITUDE and more Quesitons : ) by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/7/2009 4:15:06 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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>>>My partner and I want you to know how important you are and we are SO GRATEFUL to have this knowledge available to us.<<<

And Rocky53 and I want YOU to know how fantastically blessed we are by you being a part of this forum, being SO willing to learn (and hungry for true knowledge), and how humbled we are to be able to help others with what we've learned.

Group hug! :) (I know, silly/corny, but heartfelt just the same)

So, I'm understanding (and smiling HUGE) that you're off almost ALL of these (except the HC of course) and onto natural tinctures and juices in less than 5 days? And feeling substantially BETTER? APPLAUSE APPLAUSE - SHOUT IT TO CUREZONE! Natural Healing ROCKS!

cortisone 32.5 mg 1 yr
xanex .25-.50mg for 10 years (maybe 3 x a week sometimes have gone a month or weeks without. i don't feel like I experience withdrawl symptoms but I know they have affected my health.

b complex 100mg
magnesium 600mg
zinc 30 mg
Vit C 3000mg
Vit E 700 mg
Cal/Mag 1000/500
Fish Oil DHA/EPA
Whole Food Multi
Selenium 200mg
Myomin - herbal hormone balancer
Iron - stopped

progesterone sublingual 200mg
dhea 15 mg few times a week
NO more naturethryoid at this time

Himalayn Sea Salt 1/4-1/2 tsp 2x daily
Fiberzome occasionally
Iodine - got to 50mgs detoxed way bad, stressed adrenals stopped 1 week ago


>>>Garlic question: we are juicing alot of garlic more than 3 cloves apiece a day. Is this way of consuming it Ok?<<<

You know how garlic doesn't smell a BIT until you cut into it? That's various chemicals combining to produce the allicin (and that's why raw garlic is so much more preferable to any other kind). The half-life of allicin is 10.5 hours (or thereabouts) - so juice away and pile it in, but if it sits around more than 10 hours after being 'crushed', it's "half strength allicin".

>>>I know I keep coming back to tinctures . . . : ) I do have alot of questions.
Lets say I am going to make the Nervine tinc or Female tinc, would I order the herbs in the form listed i.e. Dong Quai root, Wild Yam root , Vitex berries ect then powder them myself here?
Should I combine these in equal parts and tinture together or separately then combine when complete?
Is the tincture always made in the powerdered form or would you use whole roots or pods?<<<

Questions are a GOOD thing :)

I always start my tinctures with herbs that are "C/S" (cut and sifted) rather than powdered....but after the pieces have been soaking in the alcohol for a few days, THEN I macerate them (in the blender or Vitamix). When herbs are powdered, some of their "goodies" are lost into the air (and some of their oils). So I start with the more 'wholesome' form, let them sit in the alcohol until they're good and 'soaked' and THEN do the "powdering" along with alcohol. Thay way all the goodies stay in the tincture (and all the goodies that were locked inside the bigger pieces come out into the tincture). Good Question!

Tincture them separately or together? Another good question, and one for which I don't have a "solid" answer. There's no harm in tincturing them all together (unless the formula states differently, like with the Female Formula, more on that one in a minute). With all tincture blends, it's fine to tincture them together (and takes FAR less bottles and FAR less time)...but there's a caveat to doing that. What if you make, say, the liver tincture, and then you really want some plain Gentian Root tincture? Or you want to customize it for someone that's allergic or sensitive to one of the herbs? ::::sigh:::: So there's good reason "for" AND "against". I tincture most all of the popular formulas "all together" (but there's been some times I wished I would have made them separate). The Echinacea is separate (compared to Dr. Schulze s Echinacea PLUS...that has garlic, cayenne & paud'arco). His tastes like dirty socks :( and I encourage everybody to take raw garlic & cayenne anyway...and pau d'arco is just plain weeny compared to Echinacea. So if folks want the Plus, I can mix it up for them - but so many need Echinacea for their children, so tasting good IS a factor there.

Bottom line: if you KNOW they're just going to be for you two, save yourself the countless hours and energy you'd spend pressing each individual tincture, and just tincture each formula 'as written' all in the same jar. Be careful on the cayenne/african bird peppers though. Those buggers are HOT - and every tincture I've made according to the formula given was about 5-10 hotter than the one I taste tested from Schulze (or his equivalent, HFR). If something calls for "one part" cayenne, and I'm using african bird peppers, I make it HALF part. I can ALWAYS add more, but NEVER take it out.

Back to the Female Formula - it HAS to be tinctured in two jars, as follows:

#1 ingredients go in one jar; #2 ingredients go in a separate jar - then when they're ready, mix them per the instructions.

>>>Then on the superfood I know most of the ingredients are only available in powerderd form. So I just order these and divy out in equal portion then poof . . . superfood?<<<
EXACTLY - here's the difference between "Original" & "Special Blend": //

>>>Lots of beets, beet greens, parsley, celery, carrots, asperagus, zuccini, cilantro, some fresh chickweek, scallions, radishes, apples.
We are thinking of doing some fruits (oranges, lemons, berries, - should we do the fruits separate with the exception of apple?<<<

You're juicing some POWERHOUSE juices there (I love the fresh chickweed :) Throw the fruit juices in "to taste" wherever you want them. One of my favs? What I call "Waldorf" About 1/2 & 1/2 Celery & apple (heavy on the apple) and a splash of OJ or pineapple - it's so much like apple salad, you'll swear you're going to bit into a pecan!

Beet & OJ makes "Ruby Red" :) BE sure to share any yummy combos you come up with!!

I know your "to do list" is long and you're busy-busy, but don't hesitate to stop in and 'say hey', ask questions or to TESTIFY!

You guys are sssssSSMOKIN'!

Heal ON!


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