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Information PLUS Lobelia & stopping smoking! Re: Non-healing scars by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/7/2009 6:34:42 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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...'tis from what we ingest and the poisons/toxins in our bowel, that are livers & kidneys are entirely overburdened. Not only do they have to contend with the daily poisons we eat & breath, they also have to contend with decades worth of toxins, that every thing we eat & drink has to seep through.

I just gave you this link in my last post to you Ali, but I'm posting it again for folks that don't see that post: //

(it's a huge post, and the 'colon stuff' starts about 1/4 way down at the paragraph that starts "first things first, and foremost")

SO, you're definitely on the right track with starting to thoroughly cleanse your colon.

It sounds to me like you're likely somewhat dehydrated. I gave you the formula for 'what's ample water' in your last post. Also, if you're drinking ANY caffeinated beverage (let's say, 3 cups of coffee a day), then you need to drink an ADDITIONAL 3-6 cups of water, to make up for the dehydrating effects of the caffeine).

It also seems like you're body isn't getting nearly enough nutrition & circulation - I'm thrilled to know you've already got some healing goodies on their way!

You're definitely on the right track, Ali! And the faster you're willing to 'put it all together', the faster you'll start to see and feel MUCH better.

If you are dealing with some level of dehydration, your kidneys have likely suffered quite a bit. Of course, you need to get around to prepping your liver and doing a full series of liver flushes, but I'd betcha a quick five-day kidney cleanse would benefit you greatly.

It's FANTASTIC that you've knocked off a bunch of cigarettes. If you're stuck on the last few, Lobelia tincture is your BEST FRIEND. Here's a Google search on "Lobelia +cigarettes OR smoking".
And I've just sent you some information via email.

If anybody else wants some information on what Schulze says about Lobelia & cigarettes/smoking, email me at or PM with your email address.

As far as that scar, that's tough place for healing :( If you want to get something you're going to be wanting anyway (Castor Oil) and give it a try on that scar, it's THE most likely thing to heal it right up. Here's where to get organic castor oil:

I've got a really good old formula of Dr. Christophers, that a Skin Repair/Anti Wrinkle oil, but methinks this is likely something you need to address from're too young to be needing 'anti wrinkle' formulas (no matter how well they work!).

Healthiest of blessings -



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