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Re: Solutions :) IF#1/IF#2 users? PLEASE READ! :) Re: Problems on Bowel Cleansing with Schulze by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/10/2009 1:36:02 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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Quickie 3-in-1 response:

Schulzes price for 8 oz of IF#2 is $24.00 - it's supposed to last 5-6 days. 10 oz of our blend lasts 10 days (perhaps that's because we grind the flax seeds, so it's somehow 'bulkier')?

The IF#2 capsules I bought originally from Schulze had no whole flax seeds in them (that I can recall, but I could be mistaken); after I found Health Freedom Resources and bought from them (once an affiliate when Dr. Schulze had decided to 'franchise'...who still uses the exact same herbal blends/processing he taught them, and are much cheaper) - they also had no whole flax seeds.

I emailed HFR last night to 'get the story' - I'll let you know what they say (if they ever respond - I may have to call them).

I am aware of the whole rancidity issue...I just don't know what exactly the term 'rancidity' means or implies. It's very possible it means 'deactivated' (or something similar). I have been using IF#2 out our 'personal' jar for years, and many times several months elapse between the times I open the jar and use it. I have NEVER smelled, sensed, or tasted ANY difference between that which we make fresh weekly (or "to order")...and it's stored in the dark at around 50 degrees. Truly rancid ground flax seed/oil have a VERY "skunky" odor. And of course, since the first IF#2 I ever purchased was 'ground', I've always assumed that was the way to make it.

We're getting in a HUGE order from our suppliers at the beginning of next week. We will mix up a batch with the whole flax seed, reweigh/calculate the amount needed for a 10/30 day cleanse, and adjust the options on our Storefront accordingly...and switch-out product with anyone that would prefer the whole seeds.

Dr. Schulze says on his website: >>>I only use the finest organically grown Flax Seeds that are rich in their oil. These tiny brown seeds, when placed in water or your digestive tract, quickly start to excrete this medicinal oil.<<<

Hmmm, they certainly excrete *something* when moistened (whatever makes them mucilaginous) - but is it really the OIL coming out? Nowadays I don't know what to trust that comes out of his mouth and what not to trust (or anybody elses! :( And if it IS the oil that is excreted with the seeds are moistened, that would mean ALL foods containing flaw seeds that have been moistened, have rancid flax seed oil. ??? Something is very wrong with this whole 'rancidity' thing.

Again: here's the recipe for Dr. Fuhrman's Date Nut Pop'ems - they are made by finely grinding the raw nuts and seeds into a powder and then kneading the smoothly ground nuts with fresh dates: Ingredients: (All raw) Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Organic Dates

So then Dr. Fuhrman sells rancid flax seed treats? (naaaah, that's just not even possible!)


Whole flax seed (I agree) are obviously not digestable.

Also, in the original Save Your Life manual, here's the formula:
2 parts Flax seed
2 parts Apple Fruit pectin
2 parts Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay
7 parts Psyllium seeds and husks
2 parts Slippery elm inner bark or Marshmallow root [Edit this is correctly 1 part Slippery Elm AND 1 part Marshmallow root]
1 part Fennel seed or Peppermint
1 part Activated Willow charcoal

Obviously the psyllium seeds are ground, as is the slippery elm & marshmallow & fennel or peppermint (which is of course, why, I assumed the flax was ground - especially when I saw no flax seeds in what I originally purchased).

So, that's what I know about that :)

Healing hugs comin' your way! --



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