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'Separate Cleanses', Enemas, P&B, colon Q&A (buried post) by unyquity ..... Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions w/Unyquity

Date:   4/17/2009 11:17:09 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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originally from this thread:

>>>>Hello Unyquity and you all,

thank you again for your great answer, unyquity! You're welcome :)

"Just remember, we don't undo decades of build-up in a few weeks, and you'll do great!"

I understand that cleansing and healing in general is (usually) not a short term thing, but one should take plenty of time to gain the necessary knowledge and do the actual cleansing. Patience is what is needed. This is very true!  The only time 'patience' is not needed, is when the body is sick & symptomatic...but knowledge is always needed :)

In the case of PB-Shakes, what would a thorough long term cleanse look like, Unyquity?  I wish I had the answer to that - but no one does.  It all depends on the state of your colon, how the P&B works for you specifically, and what other adjunct protocols/modalities you choose (or not) to add.  "Months" is not uncommon. I have no experience with the PB-shakes, but it seems like one is going through these stages of cleansing (Please correct me, I'm just trying to understand this and then do it as well as possible)

1. Starting with the PB-Shakes: No Mucoid Plaque (MP) is appearing yet. The dose goes up from 1 to 2,3,4 and finally 5 shakes as the body gets adjusted to the Psyllium and Bentonite There's really no 'set rule' with P&B.  Equal parts clay/psyllium can be very effective, it can also be very clogging (although it's always good for detoxification).  Your 1,2,3,4,5 makes sense to me.
2. After days, weeks or even months (depending on person)on the shakes, MP starts to appear.That'd be the plan :)
3. MP keeps appearing, while still taking the shakes yes
4. MP- appearance decreases while still on the shakes yes
5. MP stops coming out yes

Ok, depending on the person, this process can take up to several months. And even after stage 5, when MP has completely stopped coming out, I guess (please correct me) the bowel cleanse is not over. Even if we get out ALL the mucoid plaque, we still need to do maintenance cleanses 4x yearly.  Last summer we did a 25 day juice fast (I did IF#2 the entire time) - by mid winter I was really seeing (smelling! ack) the need to cleanse again (I should have done it sooner). Probably now is the time to stop with the PB-Shakes and do something else: Either give the body a total rest from cleansing I like the idea of making every 7th day "a day of rest" :) or proceed with other cleansing like liver flushing or Parasite killing. Doing one cleanse at a time, can many times work against us.  Think of it like restoring an automobile that's been driven hard & fast for 30 years without much (any!) regular maintenance...and really (REALLY!) cheap fuel - many times 'fuel' that was definitely not even designed for the car!   The exhaust is clogged, the fuel lines are filthy, the oil/filter needs changed (desperately), the carburetor needs calibrated and cleaned, sparks & plugs changed & gapped, alternator fixed/adjusted; transmission rebuilt (or at least overhauled);  suspension aligned; new tires needed, brake pads replaced., etc.  If you cleanse the exhaust & fuel lines (similar to the colon & parasite) before cleansing the oil/filter and carb (liver & parasites), you end up filthy fuel lines and clogged exhaust before you ever get the carb/oil/filter work.  But if you do the oil/filter/carb before you cleanse the fuel lines and get the gunk out of the exhaust and deal the points & plugs, the plugs'll be corroded again before you know it.  New tires & brake pads before an alignment? A waste of new tires/brake pads.  If the alternater is 'shorting or weak' that stresses all the system parts....the electrical flow through the engine is no different than the electrical flow through the body.   Change to high-grade fuel before cleansing and restoring the damage from the cheap fuel?  :::sigh::: That can end up being a waste of fuel (too rich for the compromised system to handle).   The human body is no different.  It's always much more effective to 'put it up on blocks' and do a full body cleanse/restore, than it is to do it one at a time.  Yep, it's more work, but it's FAR more effective (and you'll get MUCH more life out of the car by doing it that way).  Remember: in this toxic/poisoned world, our bodies are like high-performance automobiles CONSTANTLY in overdrive (generally running on VERY low grade fuel with extremely little maintenance).  There's no truly safe/healthy protocol (maintenance) we can do, that's as extreme as the totally unnatural conditions we live in.  And it's only MDs and "alternative practicioners" that believe we can deal with one system of the body at a time.  EVERY system/organ in the body depends upon every other.   (Perhaps those analogies weren't "mechanically/technically perfect", but I'm sure you get the idea).   In one of Dr. Schulzes interviews he talks about how many people say: "Well I did a colon cleanse; I did several liver flushes already; yeah, I juice fasted a few years ago; yes! I did hot/cold showers; I tried the vegan thing; I took herbs...none of it worked!"  And Dr. Schulze replies, "But did you ever do everything TOGETHER?".  After several weeks/months of resting/other cleanses, one could once again take up a bowel cleanse (PB-Shakes or other), because not all MP might have come out the first time. Correct.

And also while cleansing(with PB-shakes for example), you would reccomend to take a pause for one day every week,to give the body some time to rest, right? :::grin::: exactly :)

Thanks also for your info on high enemas. I think I am going to do enemas while on the PB-Shakes. As you wrote, Dr. Schulze reccomends high enemas every other day.For a person like me, with normal bowel movements (3/day), do you think an high enema every other day would be good? Yes, I keep emphasizing "high" because a typical enema only cleanses the lower/sigmoid colon - and for a cleansing enema (while doing P&B) to be truly effective, a high enema is far superior. Or how often should I do them? Listen to your doctor within :) And also, I read about all kinds of different ingredients, that one can add to the water (Garlic, coffee, ACV, etc). Should I do the enemas with plain water or add something?  You can add herbs to the high enema solution as you'd like (catnip tea is very relaxing and makes the solution easier to retain), but when using the high enema to cleanse & support colon cleansing, you won't likely see much 'herbal effect' (except, perhaps, with the parasite herbs) because the colon is lined with P&B.  A much more effective solution is to complete the high enema, and follow it with what is known as a 'rectal implant'...after you've released all the solution from the high enema (and your colon is nice n' clean), using what is known as a 'rectal syringe' (lol, or a turkey baster will work) inject a cup (more or less) of whatever herbal solution you feel your body needs.  Diluted wheat grass juice is very detoxifying; aloe vera gel is very soothing (and contains allantoin, which is a cell regenerator); parasite herbs; virtually any herb that you'd take orally, that you'll like to have assimilate into your blood stream

I am going to follow your advice and use 50% ground/powdered husks and 50% ground/powdered seeds for my PB-Shakes.That'll work :)

Great that you ship to Germany. I will more than likely take advatage of your products. You said, you make the exact same products as Dr. Schulze. So if I want to have a look at all of your products, should I go to Schulzes website (not to order, just to see.I will order from you) or do you have a website/list of products?  Schulzes website will work (it's great for explanations, which I haven't yet had time to add to our Product List here:

The link to our actual Storefront is at the top of every forum page entitled Herbal Apothecary (or in the link above).

A few of our products vary slightly from Dr. Schulzes current products.  He has slightly changed many of the formulas from the days when he was practicing so successfully.  We don't why he changed the formulas since he hasn't been practicing for so long, but we chose to use the 'tried & true' formulas, rather than the 'new & unproven' ones.  We also have quite a few of Dr. Christopher's original formulas (Dr. Christopher's company - now run by his children- no longer uses strickly organic herbs (bad), and his children have significantly changed many of his formulas (leaving out essential herbs, due to pressure from the Powers That Be). 

Our Superfood is Dr. Schulzes "original" and another version (our own, but the same ingredients) that is customized for those still eating meat & dairy.  You can read more about all that here: The Superfood Story (as I know it/guess it) Re: How do you do an herbal ...

and here: Even MORE info...Re: The Superfood Story (as I know it/guess it) Re: How...

Whenever/if ever you want to order, please email me at, as I want to ensure you get the best shipping rates (which may not happen with the automated shipping calculator), and there's a couple of things I need to explain about shipping to Germany.
Have a great day!<<<

You do the same!  Unyquity


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