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Re: help!!!! need support by prix ..... Fasting: Juice Fasting Support

Date:   4/21/2009 11:49:43 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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It's very helpful if you can start the fast together with somebody or have your family supporting you. I'm on the day 9 with my juice fast and I talked my sister into it. Although we are on the different continents, it was still tremendous help, especially the first few days. I have done the juice fasts a few times before but it was something new and crazy for her. Her boyfriend at first thought that we're both nuts, but then totally supported her, made her juices and everything. My sister did the 5 day fast, I was thinking 30 days, but I don't stress about it and I'll fast as long as I can still enjoy juice.
I also have the family to feed, but the only advice I can really give you is that the first days just drink juice whenever you feel hungry or tempted to eat. In a couple of days your hunger will disappear. I even taste the food a little bit without any temptation to eat. Today I had only two juices, just don't feel hungry at all. And I have to make myself to drink water which I hate. My husband doesn't really care about my juice fast, he's like "You still doing the juice thing? Can you make me the steak?" :).
The other thing that I found helpful is that during this first couple of days I read over and over the juice fasting material in internet and really imagined how my body starts detoxifying and how all the vitamins from the juice absorb and how much good all this is doing to me. Also try to take some time for yourself, do the dry brushing before shower and imagine how all the dead skin cells are falling off, go for walks, read, basically try to make yourself busy so that you won't have any time to obsess about food. And don't watch the darn Food Network or commercials from TV :).

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