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Re: Natural treatment for cushing`s disease in dogs by pepika7pipi ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   5/20/2009 4:23:03 AM ( 12 years ago ago)
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I am writing down my own experience with Cushing. My female dog, 13 years old now, at one point began to shake with her body and began to drink much more then usual. The vet discovered both her adrenal glands have tumors and are enlarged to 2,2 cm and after had done the blood test, the cushing disease was diagnosed. We also made ACTH test and put her on Vetoryl 30mg daily dose, to block to much cortisol entering her blood.
After a while her excessive panting and muscle tremor came back. Her blood is too dense again, hemokrit level too high and vet suggested to reduce amount of Vetoryl (starting from today) and let more cortisol entering again. Her lungs and heart which are on much burden (muscle tremor, breathing thru mouth)are now the problem, and the vet just don't agree with my opinion to fokus on this issue and leave Cushing asside. I just do not know what to do other then follow the vet instruction, hoping my dog will correct her blood thicknes byherself. And I must tell how difficult is for me, having my dog almost 7 years on BURF feeding, with all possible care as far as nutrition is concerned. How on earth we got in this situation knowing I cared for her immune system more then for myself. Please give me some input on this matter.

Hugs, Branko

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