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Re: The truth about foods (read medical studies in context) by VX ..... Ask Dr. Sutter

Date:   5/20/2009 10:33:37 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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It's possible that raw milk doesn't agree with him, anythings possible, I was just saying that Aajonus has seen people who couldn't tolerate dairy before, it seems strange that he'd say your friend was detoxing instead.

If he's not taking raw butter or raw cream, of course raw coconut cream is highly recommended. I now prefer taking raw cream and raw butter, just for convenience (takes awhile to juice coconuts).

I was on the Primal Diet for almost a year before I added raw milk to my diet. Although I was making great progress without the raw milk, I found that raw milk had a huge impact, especially regarding circulation, energy, warmth in hands and feet (they never feel cold now), improved thinking (probably another circulation improvement). For people with heart, artery, and circulation problems, I don't think there is anything better. The book "The Milk Diet" by John Porter was also eye opener in this regard.


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