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Re: Done my 3rd enema!! Yet more questions!! by Art701 ..... Enema & Colonics Support Forum

Date:   3/30/2005 11:00:06 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Oh, Mantonia.

I just wrote quite a long post, but it suddenly disappeared from my screen. I won't re-create it. I had two points.

1) People ProPaul's and my age frequently have long histories of receiving enemas. They were THE major home remedy for headache, tummy ache, sleeplessness. I am somewhat amazed as I look back that I didn't have any negative outcomes from the enemas. My maternal grandmother was what was called an "enema nurse." She would go to nursing homes and to the local hospital where she would give pre-operative enemas to surgery patients. She broke a lot of "rules." She hung the bag very high...on the shower curtain rod. Therefore I took the whole bag very quickly as I rested over her very ample knees. She used very warm (too warm) water. She played the hot water over a bar of Ivory soap until the soapsuds billowed over the top of the red hot water bottle. And....she never gave me a rinse enema. I survived anyway. LOL

I always loved enemas. I rarely had bad cramps....don't to this day. In fact, I liked them so much that I sometimes fibbed to grandma to get more enemas. I have always felt wonderful both during and after.

From ages 12 - 32, I had an "enema vacation." My grandmothers and mother stopped giving them when this "early maturing" boy reached his teens. There was no way to have them in college, unless you went to the infirmary. My first wife thought enemas were disgusting. Imagine my delight to learn that my present wife had grown up in a family just like mine - committed to the enema as a wonderful health practice.

2) I also wanted to say that it is an honor for people like ProPaul and me to provide whatever guidance and information we can to a "newbie." It does feel good, doesn't it, to be supported and to be assured that you are on the right track.

When it feels right, you might want to do a cleansing enema and then a second enema. You will find that it makes a difference. But take your time. Don't rush this. But you will recall perhaps that some of us here do three or four enemas in a single session. I always do two before a coffee enema, then the coffee enema and then a rinse....usually with baking soda or Sea Salt or a combination.

Have an energized and uplifting day, my friend.


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